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diet to empty you out??

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Hi all.. a while back someone posted a diet of sorts.. where you drink a glass of prune juice I think before dinner to help with having a complete bowel movement and to help with not having so many in a day.. I tried doing a search on here with the word prune juice but no luck. if anyone remembers the plan or the site I would greatly appreciate that. anything to cut down on the amount of bathroom trips I make.. I had a tumor in the lower part of my rectum and they took a lot of the rectum away so when I gotta go I gotta gooooooo.. ok thanks for your help.. peace Ramona

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Here is a URL that describes what you are talking about: http://www3.mdanderson.org/depts/hcc/summer99/surgarticle.htm
I had all my rectum removed and had a colo-anal anastamosis due to rectal cancer. After having my ileostomy reversed, I had lots of problems with frequency and diarrhea. This article helped me a lot. In summary, I took an immodium before each meal and took Metamucil in 2 oz of water after each meal. After a few weeks of this I had reduced my frequency from 10-15 per day to 4-6. I've been on it for about a month now and have stopped taking the immodium, but still take the metamucil. It definitely worked for me.
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Hi there. I would try Chlorella...a blue-green algae which I take in tablet form. It seems to keeps everything moving -- but without any irritation. It also helped assist in letting the flora (good bacteria) grow back into my intestines which chemo had killed. Maybe you can Google it to find out more about it. I think it is a relly good product. My body really likes it...Maybe your body will as well! All the best to you - Maura

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thank you all so much..I am slow to respond on here sometimes...but I sooo appreciate it.. thanks for the help.. I will try those ideas.. and thanks for the url.. peace and love ramona

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