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Hello from a D.C. jail....

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Well, we HAVE invaded!!!! Jose was seen in a police car...I was at the capitol when they brought in the SWAT team....WHEW! and it hasn't even officially begun yet....watch for the naked lady running down Pennsylvania Ave....hehehehehe

Hugs, Kathi

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I'll keep an eye out for you, Kathi! Should be easy to pick out the naked lady, eh?

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Have a great time!! Naked or not - give the polliticians heck!! :)

Naked heck is loads of fun. jana

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hey kathi,
have a blast!

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Kathi -

I live in MD - work in Northern VA and am very close to DC. I have to work tomorrow, but have asked my spies to look out for a naked lady with a "Dad" who seems to be younger than her!

Have fun and do good work!


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Naked lady running down Penn Ave - isn't that Weapon of Mass Distraction???

Have a blast in DC! Ur, that's probably not such a good thing to say these days. Will probably have to explain it to the Homeland Security people.


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