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ca125 result

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Hi Everyone, I just wanted to share the amazing news. My ca125 is at 10 now. It has not been at 10 since 2003. Do you believe it? I have one more avastin treatment and a couple weeks of the daily cytoxan and then I am finished with treatment. October 26th will be my next appt with gyn/onc and ctscan. Just had to share the news with all of you. You have been so much support through this. Thanks for being such an inspiration and safe place to share. Prayers N Hugs BonnieRose

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WOW, BONNIE! That is tremendous! As I write this I'm thanking the Lord for his faithfulness and great works! Enjoy your good news and continue to live life fully, as I know you do. Hooray!

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How Wonderful!!!! Congratulations on the good news.
Be well

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Wow! Bonnie!!!! That is the best news! You must be pinching yourself! By the way, how are your headaches? Are you still getting them, or is the medication working? You know what, you have just given me a healthy dose of "hope" today with your good news! My CA-125 was at 25 after my 6th chemo, don't know what it is yet after my 7th, but will let you know next week. My onco says he would like to see mine at 10 also before we quit chemo. Again, congratulations girl!!!! Take good care, MM

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Great news Bonnie! I pray that it will stay down. It's time that they have found something that might really work. Considering the news that you were getting, this has lifted everyone up. Wishing You The Best Always! Paula

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Thanks everyone for the congratulations!

God Bless!

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That is amazing Bonnie! God is faithful! "10"

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Awesome news, Bonnie! You are now a perfect "10"!
God bless. :)

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Hi Bonnie, OH MY GOSH, that is good news! Your family must be on Cloud 9 now, too.

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Hi Bonnie,
I'm new to this site but I just wanted to say congrats on the great news!!!!! Smiles and (((hug))) perdidojo

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HEY ALL, I just recieved what hopefully was my last chemo today, I have a surgey in Nov. that will let me know if I have to have any further... I finally asked what my ca 125 was for the first time today with complete and utter fear.... the anwser I got was amazing.... the only ca 125 they did on me so far was before I started treatment and it was a 14..... THANK GOD!!!! I started cryin I was so happy... thats good news to me being only 24 years old... I shoulda asked a long time ago lol.... I'm having another ran this next week coming up..... hopefully it less now considerin the chemo treatments.... thats for listening... u all are in my prayers..... Hope M.

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