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Calling Cherriann

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How are you doing hon? I saw your response to LLLady and was wondering if things are getting better for you. It will be interesting to see what your blood counts are after this. Talk with your doctor about what you are experiencing. I think it is important... Hang in there!

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I agree, PLEASE keep us posted, dearheart!!!!

We are ALL pulling for you!

(And a hug for you, too, Patrusha!)

Hugs, Kathi

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hi patrusha and kathi,
i guess yesterday was one of my bad days. been having quite a few. they believe my lower back pain is caused by kidney stones which were shown on my cat scan. i guess this just isnt my year. dont worry im a tough girl and will get thru all of this but it is so nice to have people to whine to who understand and care. thanks for the call out patrusha. i hope all the best for you. kathi as usual you are one of my rocks.
take care, cherri

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