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I have an idea...

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You know, I started thinking about how we all are connected through this site, and how we pretty much look out for each other. Because of that, I feel that it would be a good idea to make sure someone on this site (maybe at least 2 people) have information about you in the event that we don't hear from you anymore.

You see, we all learn about each other through our posting. If we don't see a post from someone in a while, we get nervous. Hopefully, it's just a case of "see ya, I'm cured!" But in the event that it isn't, wouldn't it be nice to be able to get a phone call or e-mail from someone just confirming you are ok?

I know it's hard to believe, but there are folks who use this site to get through their issues, then leave us all in the dust. I do not think that is how the majority of us view this site. We have become extended family. We share suggestions, stories, jokes, recipes, and even tears. I personally think we owe it to each other to be able to have this type of "check up" system in place.

I totally understand if some don't want to give their home e-mail or phone number for privacy purposes. In that case, give this web site information to a loved one in the event something happens, as we would all like to know.

This isn't intended to sound morbid or invade privacy, it's just a way of keeping in touch, and showing we care. If you have gotten close to someone on this site through postings, maintain contact with them so they can update us in the event something keeps you from posting regularly. Just for the record, SpongeBob, Lisa Rose, scouty, Kerry, and Kay, I got your backs....I have ways of finding you!

Have a great week,


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Hi Stacy:
What a great idea- and something I have been thinking about as well..I wish all of us would have a personal web page and a way for "others" to contact us or a loved one..so how do we go about it?? Even tho I don't always post regularly..I "lurk" often and wonder alot of others who have "posted and then vanished"....although I am just a caregiver for my husband and not directly trying to "slay the beast" I have made many friends here and would love a way to keep up to date if they have not posted in awhile..so...privacy issues aside--how do we do this??

StacyGleaso's picture
Posts: 1249
Joined: Mar 2003

FIRST of all little missy....you are MUCH more that "just a caregiver"!!!!!!! When a loved one is in the battle, you are also. In fact, I personally think it's harder on the caregivers than it is on the actual patient.

Anyway, I would have no problem being the "hub" on this site. Anyone interested could e-mail me through this site, and I will generate a list of phone numbers and/or e-mail addresses of everyone. I will copy that list to Lisa Rose and scouty, also, since I feel it's a good cross-reference of checking up on everyone. Then, if we go sometime without hearing from someone, one of us will call or e-mail them outside of this site, just to be sure. Or, with a friend's permission, list them as an emergency contact so we could contact them. Obviously, if something happened to someone, and nobody would have access to their e-mail account, it would be pointless.

I'm open to suggestions. Thanks, Bev!


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Dear Stacy,

I think that this is the wonderful idea! I could not agree more with this.

I am a caregiver for my 68 years old mother who besides II stage colon cancer has alzheimers type dimentia. She lives in nursing home. I am her conservator and making all decisions for her.

It has been a very difficult road for me so far. I am alone, I don't have other relatives. My mother also has just me. On the top of my mother issues, I have my own personal problems, like I can not find a job for over a year now and am now worried about losing my house, I have lost my car in an accedent, etc.

My mother had surgery in March of this year. Then we tried Xeloda on her. It almost killed her and so there will be no more chemotherapy.

We are now in "wait and see" mode. She will have CT scan in few weeks and then we will know more...

So, it would be a good idea for someone to have my email and/or phone number, so that in case I am not posting, someone could get in touch with me.

I will e-mail you my e-mail and phone number. Please feel free to share with your cross-references.

Thank You very much for being so thoughtful.

God Bless,


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Good idea, Stacy....

In MY case I'm NEVER biting the dust....just not done!!!!

But, should that day come (at age 254 1/2, I think) there are MANY people that would have the sense to come on and tell you all "party at Kathi's place"!!!!

Keep me posted with ideas....

Hugs, Kathi

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Damn... Just don't give that contact info to the IRS or my ex-, OK?

I have the back of a bunch of you - too many to list here, but I am assuming you know who you are and that you have kept me abreast of your ISP/e-mail address changes!

This is a good idea, Stacy, it is really scary when all of a sudden someone "drops out" and we are sent into a tizzy scrambling to find out what happened. Sadly, certain people come to mind - I think many of you know those of whom I speak.

Cheers from COH - had a great time chatting with Kathi M and her beau Hans today! Saw Greta and Jose, too - although Jose was being carted off by a wild Puerto Rican woman in an SUV when last I saw him...


- SB

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Abreast? Which one?
Sorry....MUCH too MUCH starbucks...one RIGHT IN the hotel!!!! Up at 5am....sigh...
Hugs, Kathi

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Hi Stacy, sent you my email address hope you receieved it.

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Great idea, Stacy! See you real soon.



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What a wonderful idea and thanks so much for bringing it up. I definitely would like to have the added support and to give the added support of keeping in touch.

This may be a dumb question, but where would I send my e-mail address? Still trying to figure out this website - hehehehe.


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Glad you're on the bandwagon, Cheryl! To e-mail me your information, go into your CSN Start Page, and into your user directory. Put in my name StacyGleaso, case sensitive, and it'll pull up my web page. From there, you can e-mail me your info.

Hope this helped,


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You can also click on the envelop icon under Stacy's post. That will let you email her.


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You are a hero!! Such a good idea. You are always looking out for other! Such a good friend.

Thanks for thinking of everyone, in true Stacy spirit. :) jana

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I like your idea! Not sure who wants my email address. jams

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Lisa Rose
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Stacy this is a great idea. I remember trying to locate Andrea in the spring and had to go to an outside source to locate her. I felt then there had to be an easier way.


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