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Thank you

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Thanks all. Mindy10 and JADot have given me hope.Thank you very much for yor support.

The doctor says 3 months oxy and 5 FLU and after that, if it dosen't work, we have to try with avastin. I'm very worried for my mother because the doctor said that she will live only 6 months.

You have many stage 4 successes and i hope my mother will be one of them.

Thank you all for being here and for all the encouragment and information.

Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers.

God bless you all!


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Hi Chriss, frist of all I want to say dont listen to what the dr's say for 6 months because no one knows how long she has. All I can say from experience with my dad is when and If the pain starts and there is no more chemo to be had. Please get Hospice ASAP. My mom was in denial for months and never called in Hospice and I feel my father suffered pain when he should not have. When I look back at his passing I wish we called in Hospice sooner for all the help they gave my mom and they helped control my dads pain. They also told us what signs to look for that the end was near and that was my biggest questions on when will we know when he just has weeks left and the symptoms he was having told us and it was pretty much acurate. I hope the best for your mom. Mindy

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Doctors often miss out on strength of the human spirit. 6 months, they have no business writing people off like that. I think if your mother pursues a progressive course of treatment and go after things on the nutrition front, 6 months from now she'd be laughing and happily living her life. Don't ever give up, keep the faith, fight the good fight and win.


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Thank you very much for your help. Can you tell me a good diet for her?I need a nutrition advice.

Thank you,


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Hi Criss,

I am sorry I missed your original post and hate to hear of your mother's recurrence.

I will keep you and your mother in my prayers and hope she will join the stage 4 success stories. There is a great book, Beating Cancer with Nutrition, by Patrick Quillan that is full of information that might be helpful. I know after reading it, I drastically changed my diet.

Keep us posted.



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only because you asked.... I will tell you the diet I follow - I have been stage 4 since '03 - and working full time and doing everything I want... like scuba diving and travel.

I don't eat any red meat or poultry - veggies and fish only. No tuna or sea bass because of the mercury levels. NO SODA whatsoever. NO artificial sweetners. Avoid processed foods: white rice, bread, sugar in general (honey is natural and good). Whole wheat everything. Avoid enriched breads - they take out all the good stuff and put in a little vitamins.

I try to eat organic and tofu. Certain fruits and veggies retain more pesticides than others.

What my nutritionist told me is that my body is already fighting a good fight to beat the cancer - it can't also fight all the pesticides and chemicals that are in most foods.

I drink lots of green tea. I ice it in the summer and add mint tea with it.

I hope this helps. I used the phone book to locate a PhD in nutrition and she gave me TONS of vitamins.

Just tell your mom to do what feels right for her.

Hang in there. jana

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