my mother has stomach cancer

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hi all
my mother has been diagnosed with stomach cancer. she is 56 and in relatively good health. the cancer has spread to her liver which makes me assume that it is in stage III or IV? we are seeing an oncologist on friday and i am scared. so very scared. i have read about a million articles on gastric cancer and it seems that survival is slim.

what is puzzling is that she says she feels fine - save for the pains in her stomach. we first thought it was acid reflux disease (as a lot of people are diagnosed as such at first) but of course the final diagnosis was much worse. i have some great friends and family but i'm not sure what to do. i'm sure that chemo/radiation will be recommended.

i know a lot of people are going through a similiar experience. what helps you stay positive? any recommendations for doctors in the los angeles area? i have started researching clinical trials.

thanks for any comments and suggestions.


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    Hi- I was 57 when diagnosed with stomach cancer. I finished treatments the end of June. Had 1/2 fo my stomach removed, had chemo and radiation. I'm feeling good now and am working 4 days a week. I should be able to return full time within a couple of weeks.
    Try not to be so scared and be possitive. Remember no matter what you hear or read there are always the per centage that has very good results. Why shouldn't your mother be in that group. I too was in good health and didn't feel sick. I would recommend that you get more than one opinion, go to a regional cancer center, and if she needs surgery find one that specializes in stomach cancer instead of a general surgeon.
    Good luck and God Bless
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    Good morning,
    I have had almost the same experience as your mother and imnotsick with the exception that I had chills and a low grade fever. The additional symptoms, they now think were related to an infection when the tumor penetrated my colon. I was diagnosed in Oct. '03, surgery in Jan. '04 and mets to the liver with surgery in May '05. Along the jouney I have had 3 full rounds of Chemo as well as 25 sessions of radiation. I was also very scared and felt it was about over. Its very hard to stay focused and be positive. You just have to believe that you can get through it and you can and will do what is necessary.
    My surgeon told us, " we are three friends talking and working thru the problem, but ultimately there is a higher power in charge"( my wife included ) I prayed with those words in mind many times and that has been my buoy. I am feeling great, but need to eat and drink small amounts all day.
    Good luck and may God be with your whole family.