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New here

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Hello, I'm new to this group and I need help . Last year my mothere was diagnosed with stage III colon cancer(T3N1Mx). She was diagnosed in Iun 05 and Iul 05 had the surgery. After surgery the results from her lymph nodes tested positive.She started treatment immediately and she was cancer free one year.Last mounth she had CT scans and they found 1 met on the liver, many mets to the spleen and local recurrence.
.What do u think of that? Has anyone out there heard of cancer spreading to spleen. I don't know what to do!
Help me please!!!

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Hi, first of all im sorry to hear about your mother. Colon usually spreads to the liver first but my dads spread to his lungs. So I guess anything is possible. My friends dads spread to his brain after a few years. What are the Dr's saying? What are they giving her for treatment. I would assume she is starting some kind of chemo regimin soon. There are alot of stage 4 colon cancer survirors on this site so this is a good site to read for hope. I wish the best for your mom. Mindy

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I'm so sorry to hear about your Mom and it's wonderful of you to be doing what you're doing for her now. Knowledge is power.

There are loads of stage 4 survivors on this forum. I think their key to survival has been to fight, to have faith in healing and to hit the cancer with all the fire power available. They have some pretty effective drugs for mets these days. You hears lots of stories about rad and chemo shrinking mets on this forum. So fight hard and never never give up!

What has the oncs recommended so far? It might make sense for you to have a call w/ your mom's onc and discuss treatment plans.

Best of luck to you and your Mom!

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Thanks all. Mindy10 and JADot have given me hope.Thank you very much for yor support.

The doctor says 3 months oxy and 5 FLU and after that, if it dosen't work, we have to try with avastin. I'm very worried for my mother because the doctor said that she will live only 6 months.
You have many stage 4 successes and i hope my mother will be one of them.

Thank you all for being here and for all the encouragment and information.
Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers.

God bless you all!


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I think that the beast does whatever it wants, sadly. Good for you for your strong support!

Yes, you DO know what you will do....you will listen to the dr's, ask questions, and then make informed decisions....keeping track of things along the way like labs, treatment schedules, and the like.
I'm VERY certain that mom is VERY proud of you!!!

Hugs, Kathi
(BTW, people CAN live well without their spleen, if that is part of the treatment)

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Hi. I am a stage 4 survivor... and I keep fighting. I am sorry for all your mom and your family has to deal with now.

Start the chemo and stay strong. There are lots of different chemo agents! Ignore the 6 month expiration date! It means nothing. Your mom will live as long as she is supposed to, regardless of what the docs say.

Simply surround your mom with love and do wonderful things with her. I handle chemo much better eating a healthful diet. Go to a nutritionist and get some ideas.

If you don't like the doc's plan, go get a second opinion.

Just enjoy each and every day. jana

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