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Fenantyl Patch for pain relief

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Hi, anyone use or have any experience with the Fenantyl patch for severe pain relief. The oxycodone isn't cutting it right now and I heard good things about Fenantyl patchs. Please let me know anything you have on this. Pain is becoming intolerable. Love Don.

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Hi Don you might want to check with a post that Afraidinindy posted a few weeks back. I think her husband was on it for bad pain. Im not sure how it worked though because now he is on a epidural for pain. I hope they can get your pain under control. Did you try Morphine yet? I heard that really works. Mindy

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Fentanyl patches work great for many people but my wife had problems because the doc started her on too high a dose (or maybe allergic reaction) and I had to take her to ER for the antidote because she couldn't breathe (this is a possible side effect of all opiates) Reduced the dose and it happened again! She was switched to timed -release morphine with oxycodone as break-through pain relief. In case you don't know, your body becomes used to pain meds and the dose has to be increased periodically.

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