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Xeloda dosage

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Has anyoneone used Xeloda and what dosage were you on. I'm asking because I had 2 surgeries this summer which has left me at 123 pounds. My usual weight at 6 foot tall had been 175. Doc prescribes 3000 total, 1500 in morning and 1500 at nite. Does this seem high for my weight? I am also on Oxaliplatin every other week. Thanks for your feedback. God Bless, Don.

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I was started on Xeloda at 3500mg per day, with 4 in the am and 3 in the pm. After a while the doctor reduced my dosage due to side effects of the higher dosage. This dosage does not seem high to me.

If you have some uncomfortable side effects your doctor can reduce your dosage.


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Don -

You might consider adding some meal supplement shakes to your diet like Ensure, Susti-Cal, etc. to help you gain weight if you want to get back up closer to your fighting weight of 175.

- SpongeBob

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Hi Don -

This dose does not seem high. Drugs like Xeloda are given on a milligram / body surface area basis.

Body surface area is calculated from height, weight and a variety of bizarre (to me) factors. There are different ways of doing it but all yield about the same results - usually a number somewhere between 1 & 2 - referred to as m2 (that's a superscript 2). Here's a link to a body surface calculator that uses several methods:

According to the above your body surface indicator would be about 1.68. Typical initial Xeloda dose is 1250mg/m2 - twice a day. But, of course oncologists vary it a lot. IF that formula were used, you'd have around 2000mg twice a day (4 pills each time). I think a lot of oncologists have backed off that dosage because of experience with side effects, but still your dose doesn't seem overly high.

I started off at 4000mg/day - 4 pills in the Am and 4 pills in the PM. After 3 cycles we reduced it to 3000mg/day - far fewer side effects. Of course I am neither 6 feet tall, nor 123 pounds, but hopefully this gives you an idea.


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Hi Don,

My mother took it for 2 rounds. Your dosage does not seem too high to me.

God Bless,

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My husband starts Xeloda on Tuesday he is 5'8 and weighs 125 now. His dosage is the same as yours 1500 in am and 1500 at nite. THis will be for 37 days the same as his radiation. He also just had surgery and finished Oxilaplatin (he does have some issues with neuropathy from OXi)Best of luck Patti

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That dose seems completely right. If you start to get lots of side effects - talk to the docs and they can decrease your dose.

I weigh about 117 and I take 2 tabs in the am, 3 tabs in the pm. BUT - my doc said I am on the threshold for taking 3 tabs twice a day.

It is great you are checking everything!! With every chemo infusion, I check the dose. You are your strongest advocate - keep it up!! :)

Eat more high calorie healthy foods and try to get some weight on. Not easy, but you need to try. Take care. jana

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