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Stage 4 Hang in there~

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I haven't been here for awhile but I am just thrilled with my news so wanted to share with the rest of you just starting this battle. I was diagnosed in Feb. 03 stage 4, rectal mass and 3 small spots on liver and one large. Did 8 rounds of chemo, radiation for 28 straight days with continuous infusion of 5Fu and then liver surgery in January of 04. After liver surgery 6 weeks later I have 4 more rounds of chemo giving me 12 all together. Since then I have had blood work every month. Pet scan in January of 06 was clear. Just had yesterday CT scan of chest, pelvic & abdomen and a mammogram and I came home yesterday to a call from my oncologist at 4:00 pm that everything looks great and for me not to worry. I am just so excited. I really like my oncologist he didn't make me wait for those results. I had the scan at 9:30 in the morning and he called with results by 4:00. Oh I forgot to mention a month ago I had a sigmoidoscopy and now today I have to set up a colonoscopy and then I will be pretty checked out for awhile. Please have hope and don't give up folks. This is a happy day for me. Doreen ~

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Your happy day brought happy tears to my eyes. Thank you for sharing. Yippee!! Praise God!! jams

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That's AWESOME news, Doreen! CONGRATS!!

there are some folks here who, I suspect, could use that sort of info right about now.

Thanks for sharing!

- Sponge

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God Bless You! Wonderful News!

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what wonderful news, so pleased for you!


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YEA and great news! I was dx 8/28/06 1 liver met. I had surgery for the colon and will be starting chemo soon. Folfox +avastin. Any suggestions?

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MAJOR Naked happy dance!!!!!!

Thanks for sharing the PRIMO news!!!!!

Hugs, Kathi
Hummmm.....dancing naked in D.C.-----will I make the front page????

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A naked happy dance would be a nice break from the murders and rapes that routinely grace our front pages; maybe you will!

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Thanks so much for sharing the story of your triumph over cancer! What a remarkable story. It just reinforces my belief in healing!

Thanks again for sharing!


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Thanks for sharing, Doreen, and congrats! I am "only" stage II but I love to read the success stories like yours. I find it so inspiring!

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Doreeen, congratulations on the fabulous news! Over three years and doing great, I'm so happy for you.

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I have been wondering where you have been. We started together about the same time here and our original DX are very close.

I am thrilled for you and your wonderful results. I'm will you as far as NED and everything looking good right now so we can celebrate together.

I get my colonoscopy in November. Here's to us both being able to celebrate together again!!!!!!!!

Lisa P.

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Joined: Jan 2006

Congrats Doreen! I am so happy for your news. I too had a great check up last Friday. I am now going 6 months between ct scans. It it nice not to have to do it, but it also takes the security blanket out from under you.

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What wonderful news!! I know there are still miracles and God has a plan for each of us. I'm continuing to pray that God will bless my husband with a miraculous healing - otherwise, the doctors give him less than 2 months. Thank the Lord for your blessing and please help me pray for my husband. God bless you!

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