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Walter Reed

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Has anyone had experience at Walter Reed? I'll be going there to have a "mass" removed which will be #2, the first resulted in a resection of my right kidney/adrenal gland which was removed in a German hospital. Thanks for any input. Dave.

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Ahoy, Dave -

I am a colon cancer survivor on active duty - I am Coast Guard, so I was treated at Bethesda. They routinely work with Wally World folks and consult between the onc staffs.

Check out http://www.colondar.com One of the models for the 2007 Colondar is an Army type (I don't think he's still ACTDU) who was treated for his colon cancer at WR. There is a way you can contact him through the Colon Club website; if that falls thru, drop me a note here and I will get you his e-mail address - I was in the 2006 Colondar and know the Colon Club folks very well.

Hope this helps. I am in DC, let me know if you need anything at all.

- SpongeBob

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