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Hi everyone - I was looking over the posts and see lots of new names.

I needed to take a leave of absence to find lots of good energy.... and then I traveled for a bit.

I had some crazy medical stuff go on, but it is all ok. My last CEA was elevated, but I refuse to get excited about it. I will get another CT in 3 weeks to check for new problems. Both my oncologist and I don't expect any new problems though.

Just wanted to say hello and that I will be back more regularly. You all have never left my prayers, and I think of you all at all times. :)


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Hugs, kisses and sincere warm hugs my dear friend.

I have missed you, but hope your new house, home and community are feeling more comfortable to you.

Lisa P.

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Welcome back Jana! You have been missed.

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Welcome back. I think of you often also.


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Welcome back. I think of you often also.


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Ahoy, Jana! So good to hear from you and glad to know that "all is OK"...

Getting settled into that new house? I'm waiting for some photos!

You and the Mr. take good care and know that, in the immortal words of Willie Nelson "Y'all are always on my mind"!


- Bob

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Hi Jana.
I am so happy to hear that you are are doing well .and that you have settled into your new home . I know how tough it is to move while going through treatment .
Know that my thoughts and Prayers will be with you for your upcoming scan .
Please keep us all posted
Take Care and God Bless.

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So good to hear from you. Been thinking about you lots lately. I head to MDA next week (Wed. through Fri.) for scans, etc.....you know the routine. Thought I'd go to Prego's Thurs. night and see "Juan".

I know you've had a lot going on, but I hope all is well.

This chemo round I have been on has been pretty rough. The doc. says my body is just chemo weary. We'll see what's next.

Glad to hear from you. Take care and keep in touch.


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My GP has suggested before I start chemo that I get a flu shot (this years) and pnenummia vaccine. I teach high school kids and am around lots of stuff. I will be starting chemo around the 28th of Sept. I am Stage 4 with 1 liver met. FOLfox + avastin is recommended.

I also have a conflict between my surgeon who suggests 3 months of chemo, look at PET and CT scan and if there is a change in size of the tumor operate to remove it then. Personally I like this for 2 reasons: 1) it makes sense to get a known tumor out 2) the effects of 3 months of chemo will be difficult leading into major surgery but not as severe as waiting 6 months and then going into surgery

My Onc says 4 - 6 months to get a baseline on chemo and then look into surgery. He likes this because he can see if anything else shows up in PET scan or CT scans and remove them at this time.

Does anyone know any studies that show which path is correct?

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Hi Jana, welcome back!


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Hi Jana,
so glad to hear from you; you sound great! Keep up the good work and keep us posted when you find the time!

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Hi jana, I'm one of the "new" names. Pleased to meet you. I always look forward to hearing from the pros who have been around the block. I'm glad you're back and will put you on my prayer list.

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So happy to see your name flash up. I have been thinking of you. Best wishes, Tara

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Hi Jana,
I have thought about you many times. I was happy to read your post..Audrey

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