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A MUST read for cancer patients!

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I just finished reading Ty M. Bollinger's new book, "Cancer -- Step Outside the Box" and I honestly could not put this book down! I really thought my first post here would be about my 27 year old son being diagnosed with colon cancer, stage IV with mets to the liver, but instead I wanted to pass this on to all of you first. I love this website and all the fine people that participate. Thank you all for being here and for all the encouragment and information.


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Jane -

Thanks for the book recommendation.

Keeing you and your son in my thoughts and prayers.

- SpongeBob

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Thank You for sharing.

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Hi Jane,

I was stage 4 at age 33 with liver mets. This October, I celebrate 5 yrs clear. Let me know what I can do to help get you through the rough times.


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I have 1 liver met and am Stage 4 at 47. They did surgery on colon, plan on chemo for 3 months and then do surgery on liver followed by more chemo. Was this how you did it?

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Mine was found to have spread to my liver when I was on the operating table, during my 10 hour colon surgery. (kinda like Gilligan Island's "three hour tour!" lol) It was then they took 40% of my liver. Had 6 months of clean up chemo after that, then had the illeostomy reversed 9 months after the original surgery.



P.S. E-mail me through this site anytime you have concerns/questions.

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i was diagnosed 2/06 at 29 with stage4 cc also where are you located?how is he doing and what is being done, if you care to share.

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Thanks for the book recommendation. I am so sorry for your son's diagnosis. I hope he is well on his way to complete healing. Please keep us posted on his progress.



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Hi Jane!
My prayers and thoughts are with you and your son. You have come to a wonderful place where support never ends. Also, thank you for the book recommendation. I will look forward to reading this!! Terri

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Thank you for the book rec.....I will look for it!

I HATE it when the beast attacks young people!!!! I am sending good, strength vibes to your son....as you can see, we have many stage 4 successes.....I was only stage 3....

Hugs, Kathi

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Kathi, you crack me up..."ONLY" stage 3!?!??! That is a HUGE victory to have made such progress.

YOU are my inspiration!


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Welcome Jane. Sorry you and your son have a reason to be here, but it's a great place to find under the circumstances. I'll pick up the book. Just the title sounds right up my alley! Thanks! Let us know how your son is doing...

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Hi Jane,
I am so sorry your son has to deal with this horrible disease. I was stage IV, liver mets, had 60% removed. I have been NED for 3 years. I will keep you in my prayers.

Blessings to you,

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Thank you all very much for the warm welcome. I feel like I know almost every one of you. When I first found this website shortly after my son's diagnosis, I read through every single page of threads........yep, you got it, almost 35,000 posts! I mourned the deaths of many: Judy, Nettie, Andrea to name a few. More often though, I found myself smiling and laughing, because the incredible people that post here are so optimistic, encouraging, knowledgeable and spirted, and this board has helped me so much during this difficult time. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!


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thank you for this recommendation. My daughter was age 33 when diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer, with mets in the liver and lungs. She has fought this disease for over 2 years now and we wish you and your son the best in your fight. I don't know if you are aware of the Colon Cancer Alliance conference in Chicago later this week,but we have found the conference to be extremely helpful to us over these past 2 years. If you need more info, go to www.ccalliance.org. Again, I wish you and your son the best.

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Hi Jane,
Best of luck to you and your son.
I can't believe that you read through this entire site!!! what a determined mom you are. The beast doesn't stand a chance with your son! I hope you have taken heart from all the responses here.
You will both get through this; you are in my prayers. Judy

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