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colon cancer

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I recently had an allergic reaction to Oxaliplatin. Has anyone else had a reaction and if so, what was recommended as a replacement treatment?

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Hi Heidi,
I didn't have an allergic reaction to oxaliplatin, though my liver enzymes went up so I had to stop it. Really bugged me because it was working. I am familiar with other options. Sounds like oxali the first one they've used for you. There is still the combination called folfiri. Camptosar (irinotecan), 5 FU, and leucovorin. They sometimes combine avastin with this. Or there's camptosar and erbitux. So you still have options. I've used all those combos and have now run out of options according to my local onc. I've got an appt in early Oct at Dana Farber to see if they have anything new to give me. In the meantime I've just recently started on the naturopathic approach. Good luck!

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I had a reaction on my 9th treatment with Oxaliplatin and we didn't replace it with anything. Hope everything else is going well for you.

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I had cisplatin...is that the same thing? That part of my treatment was a blur....I was in so much pain...I would have done ANYTHING to stop the pain. One of my 2 'near death' experiences happened during my first course...so, maybe I WAS allergic...felt like if I didn't think to breathe, I wouldn't...scary stuff...
Sorry, can't be much help....just rambling!

Big, soft, fluffy hugs,

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I had an allergic reaction to oxy on my 6th cycle. I had been on a strong dose for the 5 1/2 cycles so my doctor took me off and just triple dosed my oral meds (Xeloda) for the last 2 cycles. It probably depends how long you've been taking the oxy and if you have mets etc. as to whether or not they substitute it with something else. Good luck!

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Hi Heidi,
I had an allergic reaction ot oxaliplatin at treatment #7. My doctor decreased the dose by one third and I took premeds (Cimetidine, Decadron, and Benadryl) the night before treatment and morning of treatment. I was also given these same drugs by IV right before treatment and I didn't have another anaphalactic response. Good Luck!

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