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Had my 7th chemo!

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Hi everyone. Well, I just wanted to let you know that the doctor went ahead with the 7th, plus they gave me a shot of Aranesp (spelling). They said the shot would cause bone pain & flu-like symptoms. But, I found out more about the marker numbers. I asked why the numbers were just dropping 7 points now. He said they look at the percentage of drop, not the number. He said I am still dropping at close to the 30% range. That was encouraging. He said he might do even 9 or 10 treatments. He would like me to drop to 10. All depends if I can do it, I guess. So far, I'm feeling the same today. Boy, Bonnie!!!!!!!! I read your whole story on MOVA site. You are truly a WOW girl! What an inspiration you are to all of us. Prayers and hugs back to you and everyone, MM

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So glad to hear, MM that the doctor gave you a favorable and positive explanation of your numbers. That must have made you happy. Hope you don't experience too much of side effects this time around. As far as possibly needing a few more treatments, I guess I'd rather follow through with it than to have to come back again! After my last treatment I wasn't sure if my doctor would want me to have more or not, so I kind of prepared myself for that possibility. I sure wasn't looking forward to it, but would have done it if necessary. So glad I didn't need to. Remember, if you do, we're still here for you to help through the rough moments.
Have a great weekend and give yourself some TLC!

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I had several aranesp shots and they did not bother me. They are suppose to make you have more energy. If your body can tolerate the chemo I'm for getting as much as you can. My cousin is still on Gemzar and it has been almost 1&1/2 years. Best of Luck! Keep us informed. Paula

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Thanks Monika and Paula for all of the encouragement! So far today I am still feeling good. Still have a great appetite, which I don't really need. But, I know in a day or so, I won't have any taste buds working, so I'm trying to savor my food today.ha. That will be neat if I get more energy. I have let things go this last week or so, just so tired, so am hoping to catch up on everything. Yes, I'm happy I am getting more treatment, especially if it gives me more of a chance, and it seems like it should. Two years ago, my lowest number was 18 when the chemo was done. Interesting that my doctor would like to see it get down to 10. Do you girls think 10 is pretty much the normal for most women.....women without ovarian cancer? He must have a reason for picking that number. Hmmmmmm. Well, thanks again and again for being there for me. Love to you all, MM

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Hi MM, The only discussion we've had in my support group concerning levels lower than 10 was from a woman who said that she couldn't continue on the trial that she's on if her CA-125 got over a single digit. Hers went to 24 one time, and the team was going to kick her out of it, but she did have a bad cold, and the overseeing doctor allowed her to stay in the trial.

My latest reading was 14, and it's never gone below 10. There are many factors that can affect the reading. I've started wondering if a dental problem I've had ongoing for way too long (it involves a root canal) is making mine a 14. I don't think 10 would be considered normal for a woman without ovarian cancer for the same reason it's not an accurate diagnostic too. Ovarian cancer does not necessarily become reflected in the CA-125 marker when it's just starting up, and that's when you want to catch it!

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MM, hope the Aranesp shot helped you out. I know the Procrit and Neulasta sure helped me but the bone pain can be pretty bad. I hope you took tylenol. Thanks for sharing the 30% thought. Never thought of the drop in numbers that way.
:-) Sounds better when a person looks at it that way. Also thanks for checking out the MOCA webpage, we all have a story to share and we can make a difference. Prayers and Hugs Bonnie

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