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Nno-Hodkin's Lymphoma

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Hello All - My sister-in-law was recently diagnosed with Non-Hodkin's lymphoma. She is level 3, and I wanted to how bad that is. the doctor is trying to bring it down to a level 2.

She has recently started chemo and had her second dose. The first dose she was fine, but this dose put her in the hospital. She has to get catscans and other xrays done.

Can someone tell me how severe this level is, and is there anyone out there that has gone through this.

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Sorry to hear about your sister in law. I was also recently diagnosed with lymphoma.Mine is the indolent kind...is that what your sister in law has? There are so many different types. Mine is Stage 1V which means it is in the bone marrow. Mine is also in the abdomen below the diaphram. Stage 111 means that it is above and below the diaphram, I think. I would think she has already had scans to see exactly where the lymphoma is as this is how they stage it. I am sorry she reacted badly to the second dose of chemotherapy. I had my first one two weeks ago and will have another towards the end of September. I go for three days of chemo and then have nearly four weeks off.

With the indolent type of lymphoma, it is very slow growing but the down side is that it is incurable...just treatable. With the aggressive type, it is curable.

I wish your sister in law all the best with her future treatments.

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I also have indolent nhlstage 4,w/ mantle cell is a very agressive kind. Mine also is incurable. I was diagnosed July 06 and I have a reccuranse and being treated w/ ritux and velcade.

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I have stage 4, with mantle lymphoma.what subtype of nhl does she have? as far as the staging goes, 1 is the neck,2 below the neck,3 effecting some organs. and4organs and bone marrow involve.

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I am in the same situation,I just had two treatments, and the doc put me on a every two weeks schedule at first, but went to every three wks, because he said his patients was not coping with that "new study" that was put out. The every 3 wks seems to work better for me and my body than every 2wks.Because it gives my body a chance to rest and regenerate.I am having problems too with my second treatment and express then to my doc and caregiver.My suggestion to you, if any help, talk to her doctor and strongly express that they may need to reorganize her plan of treatment,if possible, to make it easier on her body.I know your love and support will go along way and will make her world brighter!

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