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New CA-125 number

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Hi everyone. I couldn't wait until tomorrow, so I called my nurse and found out that my CA-125 dropped 7 points after chemo #6, and is now 25. I hope my blood count is up enough to get to have chemo #7 tomorrow. Two years ago, after six chemos, my CA-125 was at 18. Do you guys think the next two will just drop it a couple of points each time? The first two of this series dropped it 160 points. Is it normal for the drops to get smaller and smaller? But, I really am grateful! After the Gemzar completely failed, this is great news! Hang in there, Bonnie!!! If anyone knows more about the CA-125 numbers please let me know. With joy and gratitude, MM

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So happy to hear! Hang in there and I'll be praying that tomorrow's treatment will bring that number down to the single digits! Let's agree on that - we'll say it and pray it - let us know how it goes!

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Hi MM, That's great that your CA-125 has dropped that low! These numbers are tricky, at best. I know one woman whose were in the 10,000+ range not long ago(she's an 8 year survivor, and has been on some sort of chemo coninuously). It's dropped considerably in the past few months. Mine have never gone into single digits; on Tuesday I had a six-month checkup, and maintained the 14 reading that I had earlier this year. I'm celebrating 4 years now, and am quite happy with that number. I hope yours continues downward!

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MM, I am doing a celebration dance this morning for you and singing praises to the Lord. I am so happy for you to be in the normal range. This is great news!And like groundeffect said about the numbers they are different for all of us. But we all sure worry about them when it's time to have them done. I know I always do and my nurse always calls me the same day so I don't have to wait. :-) Thanks for sharing and sending prayers that your last chemo goes easy. Prayers N Hugs Bonnie

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Hi groundeffect. That's interesting about the woman you know with the 10,000+ CA-125. Where do those type of numbers come from? And, I'm so happy for you to have sustained such a low number for all these months. Yesterday my doctor said he would like to see my number drop to 10. Boy, I didn't realize that you are a four year survivor! That is so encouraging for all of us. Thanks for the upbuilding words. Love to you, MM

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