Can back pain preceed other symptoms

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Afraid to get checked. I'm working on it. Self employed, no insurance. He works hard. Back pain and chiropractic adjustments are a norm? After adjustment and probably overdoing it can't get out of bed today...41 years old - father died of prostate cancer at 61. Any responders???? Thoughts, opinions? Probably over reactive...I love this man.


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    I had pain in my lower back. Before diagnosed, thought it was kidneys. After RP, no more pain there
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    If PC runs in his family he DEFINITELY should be checked. My Son is 42 and I constantly am reminding him to have his PSA checked.

    More than likely, the pain is due to his work, however, the DRE and Blood test are not an expensive procedure. In fact, a lot of health facilities sometimes run a free check. He NEEDS to have the test.

    Good luck