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Results or PSA, Bone scan and CT

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My husband had a prostatectomy on June 7th. His recent PSA was 0.00 and bone scan and CT scan were all negative. Next PSA is in November so we are praying... Thank you for all of your responses and help through this difficult time. The first PSA after surgery was 0.02 and that worried us but the Urologist just immediately ordered another and said sometimes it takes longer than 6 weeks to clear the body after surgery. We are trusting God to get us through and whatever His will is...that is what we want. I will pray for you that are struggling with this dreaded disease right now. My husband's brother has surgery next week...it marches on...!

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I'm sure I speak for everyone that visits this board when I ask you to convey our congratulations to your Husband. Should he, in the course of his recovery, have any questions please post them and we will, if possible, try to answer them

Congrats again,


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