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I am writing to you on behalf of my brother (21 years old) who has been said to have a diagnosis of chondrosarcoma in July 2005. since then several surgeries have been performed including the replacement of his left knee joint with a prothesis. Unforetunately, after the first surgery they found a relapse in the soft tissues of his left leg. All doctors suggest here is to perform surgeries. New recommendation which we have received was to perform radiation treatment which Dmitry is currently under to. During the last Doppler ultrasound check they have found smtgh in his leg again, which cannot be felt during manual check.

What I am looking for is a Hospital where we could take him in order to perform all required checks again and receive the treatment. Please let me know whether you would be of assistance in this issue.

Thank you in advance and looking forward hearing from you soon.

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I hope your brother is doing well now and I just registered, wish I could have replied sooner. I have had chondrosarcoma and the University of Minnesota has some of the best surgeons in the country and they usually work in tandem with Mayo Clinic regarding the pathology. In addition, I had a year of experimental treatment--injections of Octreotide--which seemed to have helped. If you are interested in more information, please email. Wishing and your family the best.

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I also just joined and am about to be 21 have chondrosarcoma I attended Ucla Medical center they assign a team of doctors that work on each individual case. I received chemo radiation and had surgery. I hope this helps i would really recommend them DR. Tapp is an amazing oncologist one of the best! I will be praying for your family!

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This is a great site. I have too, just registered. How are you these days. I have a great oncologist. He walked me through what the surgery was and what the end result would be the first and second time. I had the impression that Chondrosarcoma never came back after the first time, boy was I wrong. In the states, they are so far ahead of Canada with this disease.I have had Chondrosarcoma twice now and ended up with having Left hindquarter amputation. I am now in a wheelchair. I have not let that stop me. I snowmobile, ATV, drive and do what ever I like and try everything in life. So, please people just because you are diagnosed with this disease do not let it effect your life. Think of it as a temporary stop gap or a bump in life. Positive thinking and being happy that I am alive has made the difference for me. Take care.

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I too, have just joined. I was diagnosed with Chandrosacoma on 4/26/2010. By 5/5/2010 I had my right leg amputated and a hemi-pelvectomy. My doctor was Dr. Francis Patterson of University Hospital in Newark, New Jersey. I rehab-ed at Kessler Institute in West Orange, N.J. Right now I'm trying to adjust to life with one leg. I'm trying to stay positive but recently I was told I need to get an exploratory procedure done to check on 'nodules' found in my lungs. Me and my doctor are hoping it's not related to the Chandrosarcoma. I'm going in on 9/21/2010 for the procedure. I'll try to keep you people posted as to what happens. Still trying to be positive .....

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Hi - I just had a hemipelvectomy in July of this year at Mayo Clinic. I am praying for you and your upcoming procedure. That must be so scary.

Janet Chadwick

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