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Young but wise

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When I was only around 5 years old my brother had passed away from Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia. Not a time I want to remember but can't get rid of. He always woke up happy as ever and didn't let the pain get him upset. I recently interviewed a little girl with the exact same leukemia. She is doing well and hopefully everyone with this disease and any others will do the same. May God Bless everyone and Much Love and support from me.

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Thank you. You are a caring individual. My prayers are with you as well. God bless.
-Michael :-)

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On June 13th I turned 17, and a week prior I was diagnosed with what your brother had, ALL. Its been a few weeks now and I am still hoping that i'll wake up and it will have been a nightmare. I'm so scared; thank you for posting about that little girl, it does give me hope.

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bdog- I know exactually what you mean about hoping you will wake up and it will have been a nitemare. I was diagnosed 7/18/07 and am 28 yrs old. Hope you are doing well!!

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