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The One in the Wings

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My lover was just diagnosed with cancer. The spouse in the unit is a nut job. First reaction was insane, but now seems to have settled down, although it's hard to know for sure. My lover has been doing the strong and silent routine and I can't tell if he's editing reality to keep me from worrying. He's emphatic that what he needs most is to keep things from going postal, and I understand that, but it makes me nuts to think he could be stumbling around alone, uncared for, afrer chemo.

Any similar experiences from mistresses, lovers, etc?

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I don't know your lover's situation, but, as a cancer patient and divorced guy who had been in a loveless marriage, I latched on to the first woman to affirm my manhood by offering me affection and a place in her bed. I wanted nothing more, even though I deluded myself into thinking that I did. I broke her heart, when both of us realized the truth. I did not learn from that lesson, but entered into subsequent relationships, refraining from those promising futures in favor of quick bed-partners. I got stung a few times myself (Whatever comes around, does go around!). I have resolved to take care of my personal business first before entering into another relationship. We all struggle to get through life, why make it harder for someone else?


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