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Seattle or Houston? Hutchinson or Anderson?

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My uncle was just diagnosed with liver cancer. They gave him 6 months. He has 2 daughters - one in Houston and one in Seattle. The one is Seattle is pushing treatmetn at Fred Hutchinson, the one in Houston is pushing MD Anderson. If you have been treated at either or have heard stories about either specifically dealing with liver cancer, what do you think? He asked me to do research for him. He is deciding between doing nothing or going to either Seattle or Houston.

Thanks so much.

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Hello!!! I have angiosarcoma of the liver and went to M.D. Anderson. Not a good experience for me... They said I didn't have cancer and sent me home. However, It is a very good hospital, with some very good doctors. It just wasn't for me. But everyone is different... I go to Cleveland Clinic in Cleveland , Ohio now. I am very pleased with them. I don't know anything about Seattle, but hear its a good place. Just pray, and you will get the right answer. I will be praying for you and your Uncle and family... In Gods Love...Barbara

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Hi Dukeskid,

I have colon cancer that has metsatisized to my liver. I am receiving my treatments at MD Anderson and I am VERY satisfied with the treatments so far. They are world renowned for their cancer research and state of the art facilities, faculty, etc.

I do not know much about Fred Hutchinson in Seattle. If you want more information, please feel free to email me here at this site.

I wish you and your uncle the very best.


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Hi Kerry,

I heard wonderful things about MD Anderson. My Uncle decided against all treatment, so he did not go to Seattle or Houston.

Thanks for your best wishes. Best wishes to you during your treatment. All I can tell you is that my dad has advanced, mets cancer, and he should have left long ago - and he keeps going. We received good news today.

Best of luck to you. Houston is wonderful and they have the best doctors.

Duke's Kid

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