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My Husband just die of lung cancer

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Joined: Sep 2006

I really need to talk to someone about my feeling about his death . He just die on August 10,06.

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Hi Gail,

I'm sorry to hear about your husband. The csn chat rooms might be a great place to talk to others for support or just an ear.

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Dear Gail,

I am so sorry about your husband. You have my condolences. If you haven't found anyone in chat to talk to, let me know when you want to meet for a chat. I've been working on an idea of gathering a group of us to meet and talk about everything we're going through.

You're free to email me too if meeting at the same time is difficult.

Again, you have my sympathies. Allow yourself all the time you need to grieve. Don't suppress any of your emotions.

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Hi Gail,

I am so sorry to hear about your hubby. I can't imagine what you must be going through.

I'm a caregiver for my dad...NSCLC Stage IIIB. He was dx July 3, 2006. We are grueling through the chemo/rad process right now.

Whenever you need to talk, you can e-mail me.


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Very sorry about your husband Gail .I too have a husband at home and dieing lung and bones cancer so i undesstand the pain you going true

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I am so sorry for your loss. Everyone here is sending you good thoughts. You can talk to us about your feelings. We will listen. We care about one another here. Take care, please.

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Hi Gail,
So sorry about your husband. My husband just passed on July 11th so I know what you are going thru. He fought NSCL for 2 1/2 years. I am here for you to tak to. I also feel the need to talk to someone that has or are traveled the journey. Feel free to
e-mail me @ Bieber216@zoominternet.net.

ps. Anyone else with stories or emotional support would be grateful.


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Hi domino216,

I'd love to hear about your experiences, if you don't mind. I feel that by sharing our experiences we can learn from each other. Initially I came to this board to get encouragement the dire statistics can be overcome. They were so damn distressing, I needed that light. I've gotten it.

Now, I feel my purpose is to share my experiences in hope they would give encouragement to others.

If you don't mind sharing your husband's battle with NSCL, you can email me via the envelope icon on the bottom of my message. Or if you're interested, you can join us in a group chat I'm trying to arrange. Getting a mutually agreeable time will be the trickiest though.

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Gail, I'm so sorry to read of your husband's death. You're in my thoughts and prayers.

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