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MD Anderson Oncologist

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Hi Everyone,

First, I can't tell you how powerfull this site is to those who have just received a cancer diagnosis, or like myself have a loved one that has. It was reading the qustions & comments in this discussion group that for the first time I didn't feel alone, and I thank each of you.

My mother has been diagnosis with sm. cell carcinoma lung cancer, ct scan showed a 3 cm tumor in her lower left lung, a P. scan showed that has spread to several nodes, one was removed yesterday for biopsy. She had radical mastectomies 19 & 21 yrs ago with no treatment and has been cancer free for until now.
I would like to take her to MD Anderson for a second opinion and would like to know if someone might have a recommendation for us.
At this point the first oncologist we met with said no surgery just chemo. I like the Doctor, have some concerns about the staff and his nurse being a shorthanded.
He has not requested that a brain or bone scan be done but I am going to ask this at our next appt.
Any help would be appreciated!

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Hi I would suggest
Dr. Ralph Zinner Oncologist
Dr Steven Swisher Thoracic surgeon
Both are excellent.
They can be reached at MD Anderson Thoracic Center
Good luck

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I too was diagnosed with sm.cell carcinoma in my right lung 1 1/2 years ago. I am now 52 and was told it was inoperable and had 3 months to live!. A new surgery department chair had just started at my local hospital Scott and White in Temple Texas, W. Roy Smythe formally of MD Anderson, he decided surgery was an option and I had a lobectomy, thoracic resection and pulmonary artery resection all at one sitting, 10 1/2 hours. It worked, I had no chemo or radiation treatment post surgery just lots and lots of terrible pain. Google him on the net, his references are impeccable. I say go for the surgery, put up with the pain and cheat the cancer one more time..good luck


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My mom has been diagnosed with lung cancer, I would like to take her to the dr. that you saw. How are you doing now? I was told by Baylor in Dallas that the mass is too large to remove surgically. They cant see my mom until next Tuesday, I want her seen right away. Is that normal to have to wait so long to see a dr.?

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