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Had anyone with APML not been able to take ATRA due to elevated liver funtions? What were your other options?

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I had trouble with Atra elevating my liver functions....oh my goodness that was NOT a pleasant experience in that everything kinda went haywire and I itched from head to toe (literally!). My doctor took me off of it for a time...got the liver functions back to normal and then started me off real slow after things looked okay. Hope this helps!

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My 15 yr old daughter is taking ATRA as part of her induction therapy. She's taking a lot of other stuff too. She's suffering from headaches and nausea. What can you tell me about APL?

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I take Atra as well, my doctor has recently reduced the time i will be taking due to headaches which cause spinal fluid build up in my brain. I hate taking Atra, it screws with me alot, it is very good to take though, it will help out a lot!

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