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losing my job...

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Hey guys,
soon my job will have gone to China and I'll be looking for work and I'll lose my computer and e-mail from work and it may be some time before I can afford a computer at home so i will lose contact with you guys. I just wanted to say goodbye ahead of time and thanks for all your help. I am doing great healthwise now and emotionally. I think I may have about two weeks left on the job. I wish you guys well!

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Sorry to hear of your job situation, but I am sure you will find satisfactory employment soon. I hope your health continues to be good and look forward to your return to "our" site.

Best of luck,


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Sorry to hear about your job. Glad your health is good. I think if you go to your local library you will find free computer access. Russ

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Hey Tom,
Sorry to hear that you're about to lose you job BUT If there's a library near-by you can always use one of their computers to get back on line.

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