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I have recently been re-diagnosed with a high-grade glioblastoma again. I have also just undergone my 3rd neuro-surgery...but there are other tumors in vital areas of my brain that still need to be treated and or removed. I am seeking various opinions and I have had heard good things about this cyberknife technology. Have any of you known anyone or personally used it?


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    hello, First let me say, Hang in there.

    My mom has GBM IV. shes had 2 surgeries, rad, and chemo.
    she has been offered the gammaknife treatment before..she could not do it because the frame they put on your head was in the way of her tumor..anyway..if your talking about gamma knife..i've heard it is very accurate...

    God Bless and good luck. Janine
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    Kelli, I am so sorry about your diagnosis. My fiance was diagnosed with lung cancer to the brain. He just had the gamma knife procedure done on Thursday November 2. It was a sucess, he had no brain swelling and he has had no headaches since the procedure was done. He is VERY weak and it made him very sick but I say if they offer this to you then you should go for it. I think it may have been just the answer for us.
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    Yes! 8 yrs ago I had gammaknife radiation, probably simalar or same as what they now call cyberknife. It held my brain tumor (class 2 astrocytoma) at bay for 8 years. this past july 07 tumor grew to almost class 4 and had to be removed. followup with radiaton & chemo pills, I am doing good so far. some memory loss but no more headaches and I am able to do for myself better than before the surgery. Emory doctors in atl, ga saved my life and God has blessed me and healed me. praise the lord and good luck!50 yr old female