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Strong Bladder Urges

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Hello to anyone...have any of you had to deal with the extra strong urge to void that it is almost painful? The kind where you leak a little because you just can't stop the urge because it is so strong and painful? Has anyone taken anything to help relieve it? My Mom has stronger and stronger urges but one doctor has told me there is nothing that can be done. SHe is 90 and has end stage ovarian cancer. I believe there must be something somewhere. Has anyone tried anything? Thanks for any help! Cindy

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Hi Cindy. Before I was diagnosed 2+ years ago, one of my main symptoms was a constant urge to urinate all night long. Sometimes I had to get up close to 30 times. I erroneously thought it was because of stress and my nerves. I was exhausted and it drove me crazy. I don't think I really had any pain to speak of though. I'm guessing that the 4 huge (fist-sized) tumors that I had were bearing down on my bladder, especially at night. I did have some of the same problem during the day, but not nearly as bad. I'm sorry that I can't be of any help, as it was only my debulking surgery that relieved my problem. Surely they can do something about the pain though. I was also thinking that a mild tranquilizer could help too, but they really hate giving that type of medication to elderly people. I hope you find some relief, and hang in there.....MM

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