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question about prep for colonoscopy

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she told me i will be using the fleet something soda ? She said I could have breakfast that morning(day before) and that was it. It it nasty? is there alot of it? Thanks Danielle

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Yes, it's nasty, especially if you have a hard time with liquid meds. My doctor gave me a formula from a compounding pharmacy that's tangerine-flavored. It's a powder, mixed with water to make 2 liters. I start drinking it at 2 PM today and have to finish by 8 PM tonight. You're lucky you got breakfast; I'm on liquids all day today. My test is at 9 tomorrow morning. The mixture I had last time was by Fleet, in a very small bottle that was mixed with water or apple juice. I did the apple juice and I still couldn't choke all of it down, but did enough to clean me out. Good luck.............

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Hi Danielle,

It isn't pleasant, but you can get through it. I believe you may be taking the fleet phosporous (sp). I took it one time and I believe it to have a rather salty taste. The faster you drink it, the quicker it's gone.

Sending you my best.


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Hi Danielle,

That is what I used last week. I had it in 7up. I just held my nose and drank until gone. I had another chaser to get the nasty taste out of my mouth. Drink broth too during the day to keep up strength. Don't stray far from the bathroom, this stuff works very fast and furious. Just think that prep is the worse. Colonoscopy is easy when they put you to sleep. Eat a mild (not a lot) of breakfast so you have less to pass through. Will be thinking of you. HUGS.

Lisa F.

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Hi Danielle,

Yes the Fleets Phosoda ? comes in a 1.5 oz bottle. You have to drink 2 bottles spread out by some number of hours.

I found it very unpleasant. BUT, it is a very small amount and I would do it again in a second over the prep I just finished yesterday. Mostly because I can't stand drinking so much liquid in a short amount of time.

My advice: Chill it. Empty a water bottle with the sport ( squirt) top. Fillit with the 1.5 of Fleets. Have a chaser of your choice. I like apple juice. Stand over the kitchen sink. DO NOT SIP THE FLEETS! You won't drink it after you taste it. Take a deep breath, down the Fleets in one gulp and IMMEDIATELY down the chaser!!! MAke sure the chaser has a flavor.

THat's it. It sucks, but it's over. (till you have to do the other one)

On a positive note: MY colorectal guy just told me about a new prep they are working with where they mix a gallon prep with Gatorade. THe prep is tastless, all you taste is Gatorade. I'm up for that one next year.

Best of luck to you. You'll do great.


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it alot to drink down but like they said just remember that it is the worse part. also i would advise using wipes the rear tends to get raw from going so much.
good luck, cherri

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It is probably Fleets phosphosodium. It is sweet and salty at the same time. It is difficult to get all of it down. It is not a large amount but you have to drink then alot of liquids-none red however. I don't think there is any pleasant prep. The procedure is nothing after the prep. I think I will try SB's margarita mix with it the next time.
Good Luck.

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Fleet Phospho-Soda. Yummy. NOT! You've had lots of good advice here. I also hold my nose when I down the Fleets (cold and mixed with 7-up). And every time I "go" (which is A LOT!) I run warm water over those parts and pat dry (don't wipe). I have so far been able to avoid that oh-so-sore feeling that so many of us get.

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Danielle -

Fleet phos-soda - pretty bad, don't be deluded by the flavors, just take whatever they have. Still it is only 1.5oz mixed with a drink 2 times - I find that ginger ale makes it not too bad. I consider it way better than the huge quantity of "Go-lytely" I had to drink for my colon surgery! The key with the phos-soda is to drink lots of water - I'm sure your GI doc suggested a serious water drinking regimen.

P.S. You are lucky you can eat breakfast. Regardless of time of colonsocopy I have always been told to have a completely liquid, non-red diet the entire day before.

Good luck. It's not fun, but the good results at the end are worth it.


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The best advice given to me was to use a 'straw' to drink, mixing with other flavored liquids. It goes down quick and you don't taste it so it makes it much much better !!!

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I STILL like SpongeBob's idea....phosphoritia (phosphosoda in margarita base....) Don't salt the rim....envision Antonio Banderes rubbing your back....sigh, do I HAVE to wait till next June????

Hugs, Kathi

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For the record, Kathi added the part about Antonio Banderas rubbing your back. That was NOT part of my recommendation. I believe I said something about wearing a big straw sombrero and listening to Mariachi music - NOTHING about some dude rubbing on me...

Hopefully we're CLEAR on that...

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Hi Danielle:

Here's what you need to know - it's a little counter-intuitive but important to realize:

1. The stuff tastes awful.
2. The stuff tastes really strong.
3. Nothing will make it taste better.
4. You want to get it down as fast as you can

Sooooo, don't mix it w/ too much of anything. It'll just make drinking it that much harder. Imagine a shot glass of awful tasting stuff can be swallowed a heck a lot faster than a large glass full of this stuff. So, chuck it down w/ the minimum taste enhancer and then drink lots of other stuff afterwards to dilute it further in your stomach, where the tastebuds are no longer involved.

I did this on Christmas day last year! But ya know what, it was the best x'mas meal I've ever had. It cleaned me out enough for the doc to find what was making me sick. So, just consider it an exlixir of life of sorts and enjoy!


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Hi Danielle,
I use a straw and hold my nose. I did the Go-Lytley for my colonoscopy. That was an awful lot of liquid. I have never had the fleet for a colonoscopy. Also, I was on an all liquid diet the day before. So you are lucky to be able to eat breakfast. I guess every doctor uses different preps. They all suck if you ask me! :) Good luck.

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