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Duey is home

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Joined: Aug 2006

Hey everybody
My Duey is home and feeling really good, He can't wait to get back to work....That's how he is
I will talk to you all soon and tell you more
Much Love to you all

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Posts: 67
Joined: Aug 2006

So far the Doctor say's Due is looking at 6 months of chemo
He has a very small cut in his belly that kinda goes around his belly button half way around.
He said "mad props" to ALL OF YOU for telling him to WALK, WALK, WALK that got him out of bed, which then led to bm's, then leading to his release from the Hospital. Not to mention, walking the halls and looking out windows kept him from going insane

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This is great news! I am happy for both of you.

God Bless,

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Great news! Please keep us posted...home is the BEST place to be!!!!

Hugs, Kathi

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Way to go Duey..did ya walk out backwards? Otherwise they would have seen everything with those hospital gowns..keep 'em guessing. Bud

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Joined: Jun 2006

So glad to hear you're home and he's feeling better. Makes us caregivers feel so much better, huh? You remain in my prayers.

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Yeah! So glad Duey is home and "raring to go!" I start my six months of chemo this Friday so we can go through that whole thing together...

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Joined: Mar 2006

Just as I thought. He is a real fighter. Sounds like Duey isn't going to let this thing rule his life. Good for him!!!

God bless,


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Hi LLLady and Deuy!

Glad he is home and raring to go. We have lots of tips about the chemo too so come back when you know what type. It will probably be folfox. HUGS and good vibes your way.

Lisa F

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