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Rectal bleeding always mean cancer?

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How often does this mean cancer? I'm afraid to get it checked out.


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My daughter was diganosed at age 17 with ulcerative colitis because of stomach pains and rectal bleeding. You need a colonoscopy to determine the cause of the bleeding. It isn't always cancer, but if it is, you'll want to catch is as soon as possible. Delaying is never a good idea. Please, get it checked...

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Could also be hemorrhoids, a simple fissure, any number of things. Be brave. Call your doctor today.

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Do NOT put off testing. It could be nothing more than hemorrhoids but why wait. The test is no big deal. The prep day is the worse and it really isn't that bad. And..no rectal bleeding is not always cancer but it can be so why wait? Good luck!

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Dear Scott,

Please RUN (not walk) to a doctor and have it checked out. It could be few different reasons for this. But even if it is cancer, the sooner it gets diagnosed, the better chances are for curing it. Postponing the test will not cure the problem, it is not going to disappear by itself. So, waiting is only making things worse. Maybe it is the simplest issue, but by waiting it can become bigger. Do not wait!

Preparation is not pleasant - you will have to drink lots of special solution and go to bathroom. You can take a book or portable DVD player there and distract yourself. You will be sedated during the test and will not feel anything.

Please do let us know of the outcome.

Best Wishes, Eleonora

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Hi Scott,

You will find that most of us will agree with getting to a GI doc regarding this. I was mis dx thinking I had IBS for about 1 year. Waited too long so I'm stage 3. Like others said, it could just be something simple like hemroids. Good luck and don't wait.

Lisa F.

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Get to the doctor immediately!! I had just a small amount of blood in my stool for approx 6 months. Not every day, just once in a while. Of course, I thought it was a hemorrhoid and I even went online to check. I finally had what is call a "gross bleed" and that forced me to go to a doctor, still thinking it was a hemorrhoid. I had a colonoscopy and 2 days later had surgery to remove a foot of colon. Stage III with 1 lymph node. Dr. said it had been growing for about 5 years and had preforated the colon wall. Had I seen the doctor when I first noticed the signs, they could have probably treated it with surgery alone. Six months of chemo is not fun. Please go to a doctor, even if it is just to get a fecal smear test. Let them be the judge--not you. I had no other symptoms and felt perfectly fine, right up until my diagnosis. Please, please please do not wait. Take care.

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Run, do not walk -- pass go, do not wait to collect $200, and make an appointment for a colonoscopy - now -- not tonight, not tomorrow -- now. I would be surprised if anyone on this discussion board gives you any other advice. Does it mean cancer? Not always-- but -- in the rare case that it does, early diagnosis is the BEST way to beat this thing. No good can come from waiting. Do yourself and everyone who cares about you a big favor -- schedule the test without further delay. Am I making myself clear? You came to the right place -- now, follow our advice.

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Okay.....you're scared of what you may find out. We all are. I took the test five years ago at age 50 and am taking another this week. My husband took the test 8 months ago and a Stage III tumor was found. He'd been having trouble for months and wouldn't go for the test. Now, he's had 25 radiation treatments, surgery and is in his second round of chemo. NOT FUN. He wishes over and over that he'd gone for the test long ago.

Ignorance is NOT bliss with this disease. Early detection is everything when you get a positive diagnosis. Odds are, you're clean, but how will you know until you take the test?

You can only win by knowing the results. Worse case: you don't have the test, there IS something there and it continues to invade your body, getting stronger every day.

Be brave and get the test. It's not that bad. I'm just a little old 120 lb. lady; if I can do it, anyone can.

FEAR is cancer's best buddy.


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Very good advice from those above. My story resembles strongly to susanbm's.

Had small, intermitent bleeding. I actually WENT to the dr and was told "hemorhoids." Because of my young age (21ish at the time) they did no further testing. At 26, I finally had a large amount of blood. Again, I was blown off. I was persistent and kept going to a different doctors and INSISTED on a colonoscopy no matter how scary it was. Because of the time waiting, the misdiagnoses; it had chance to develop to stage III 1 node positive. I was diagnosed the day after my 27th birthday. That's scary. While I am currently NED, had they done the scope on my first visit, I would have still found out I had cancer, but it would have been Stage I, maybe Stage II and very curable.

Now, just because we happened to be diagnosed with cancer does not mean that you will be as well. My doctor that finally referred me explained any number of reasons that I could have been bleeding, all of which could be fixed. Unfortunately, I won the cancer lottery.

I don't know how old you are, but if you are under the "recommended" age of 50, you are going to have to PUSH them to give you the colonoscopy (note, make them do a full colonoscopy and not just a sigmoidoscopy). The doctors may even tell you that there are not that many under 50 diagnosed. This board and many of us are all under 50 and had advanced cancer. Things are changing and doctors need to be more aware. Force them to give you a scope.

Finally, keep these things in mind: Your body is sending you symptoms of something not quite right. Follow your instincts and get examined (you know you need to or else you wouldn't be here). Know that it very well could be something easily fixed and not very serious. Also know that there is a chance it could be cancer. Realize that if it is cancer (let's hope not) it is easier to cure in the early stages; however, if you find out you are advanced that doesn't mean a death sentence either. There are many Stage III and even Stage IV's that are on this board and living proof that cancer can be beat.

No good can come from waiting.

Please, let us know your results.


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Hi All, Thank you for your responses. I will make sure to see my Dr. It has been very intermittent, but I had seen blood 5 or 6 times.

The reason I am so afraid to get checked is because just a few months ago I had my second, yes, second brain surgery to remove a brain tumor. It was horrifying and I get queasy just seeing a Dr now-a-days. My ordeal has been a long one over the last few years and the thought of more problems just freaks me out.

I do appreciate your support though. It was this kind of support that helped me through my brain surgeries. I even started a website to help connect those going through medical issues. If you want to check it out, please do, i'd appreciate your support there.
One more question though, with all of the blood and monitoring they've done with me over the last two years, wouldn't they have been able to detect if something else was indeed wrong?

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I am so sorry for what you are going through.

To answer your question: something small can not be diagnosed via CT or PET scan. It is colonoscopy that detects whatever problem is there.

Hang in there, there must be the light in the end of the tunnel!

I will check your web site.

May God be with you and help you through this.

God Bless, Eleonora

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I can definately sympathize....3 months after finishing treatment on stage III rectal cancer, I was diagnosed with stage II breast cancer...seems like the cancer-go-round continues....am scheduling for a MRI to rule out something fishy in the brain...sigh....if it IS the beast, down it goes AGAIN!!!!
NEVER give up the fight, but fight with the correct information...
Hugs, Kathi

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I agree with other posts. Blood does not always mean cancer. I had lots of blood and no cancer. Hubby had little if any and had stage 4 cancer. The quantity of blood is not always a determining factor. Regardless the reason, it can and must be treated.

A co-worker dreaded having a colonscopy and postponed it for years. Once he had it done, he told me there was no reason for people posponing the procedure. It was not nearly as bad as he had thought. Just do it! The sooner the better. If it is cancer, you need treatment NOW. If it is not cancer, you will be so releived. Been there.

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