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Real Food pureed for feeding tube?

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I'm looking for nouishing real food pureed recipes that can be watered down and gotten through a feeding tube.

Any books or info on the subject would be much appreciated.

My tube is a 20 french width.


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There is a cookbook from the SPOHNC support group - don't know if you have checked that out. There are some helpful recipes.

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I have had a g-tube (24F)for 4 years. I cook every couple of days, as though I would be dining as usual, but I blend it all together and push it down my tube. As a result, I weigh more now than I did before cancer. Go figure!
I'm not sure what your tube can take since it is smaller than mine, but I suggest that if you want to try mashed potatoes, boil the potatoes and mash them first before mixing with milk and/or butter. Make it as smooth as possible, by diluting enough so that it can go down your tube smoothly. If you like okra, that is a great veggie to mix with potato and squash in a "stoup" (combination stew and soup)which can be pureed and pushed down your tube. If you don't like okra (it's my fave veggie) you may opt to just combine the potato and squash. I don't recommend putting potatoes in a blender. If you eat chicken or turkey - cook separately and blend separately with enough liquid to make it smooth enough to mix with pureed veggies and/or rice.
You could also try to make cereal with small beads like Cream of Wheat. Make it with lots of liquid for ease of pushing down the tube.
Good luck. Keep getting well.

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Just what you're looking for....but a little late in time - We had the same question but didn't find anything so we created a website with our recipes. If you have some to add, please let me know!

See lucysrealfood.com

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Hi there - check out lucysrealfood.com - we have some recipes posted therre and if you look on links and resources page you will find links to discussion groups with recipes and cookbooks, etc. Wishing you the best. Lucy

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I've switched to real food rather than the peptamen and so far so good. Because I don't taste the food, I am not concerned with recipes. I just try to make sure 1) get enough calories, 2) stay hydrated, and 3) get a mix of foods.

A typical recipe for me would be 2 cups of hemp milk (100 calories/cup), 1/2 avacado, 1/2 cup blueberries, 1/2 cup red grapes, and 1/3 cup ultimate meal (http://www.ultimatelife.com/CatalogMeal.htm). I used the kitchen sink approach and get about 3 servings of 600 calories and 1 of 300, goiving me a total of 2100 calories a day. That has been sustaining my current weight (157) down from 198 pre-treatment.

The hemp milk is "guaranteed" no THC :-\



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A very good answers, thanks to all, excellent pures, I recommend to go through http://vegetablepuree.com/ they have many products, thanks!.

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