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cancer back in lung

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Hi Everyone,
It's been a long time since I posted.
I was originally diagnosed with rectal cancer in March 2004. I had radiation and chemo, Zeloda, followed by surgery and another 6 months of Zeloda. The tumor was large, but had not spread. I was clear until October, 2005, when it showed up in my right lung. I was put on Folfox and in February 2006 my scans were clear. I finished 6 months of Folfox in May and have been off chemo for 3 months. Scans last week showed cancer back in my right lung. My oncologist now wants me to have surgery and then go back on chemo. I am extremely scared of surgery, though I know that it is my best chance of a cure.
I have been eating very healthy, losing weight
because I need to, seeing an alternative medicine doctor and taking supplements recommended by him. I am finally starting to feel better after chemo and was all set to to go back to school this fall to finish my Master's degree.
I am going for a second opinion on Wednesday.
I am so frustrated. Everytime I start to feel good and have some hope that it isn't coming back or at least not for a while it shows up. I hate this disease!!!!
Sorry this is so long. I just needed to vent.

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I'm so sorry to hear about that damn beast returning to you. I hate this disease too!

I'll be praying for you and hoping things work out.


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Hi Jamie - I am sorry to hear this.

When I last recall hearing from you, you were having difficulty finding a house. I surely hope you resolved that.

A second opinion sounds good. The thought of lung surgery would scare me too. But, get a couple of opinions and it may turn out to be a positive step.

Take care,

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Hi Betsy,
We finally moved into a 2 bedroom apartment. Thanks for remembering. It's a bit cramped, but much better than a hotel. My daughters can walk to school which is great.
I really believe that surgery is my best shot at a cure. I'm just a big chicken!

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You know, Jamie, I was just talking to this today with friends that have never had cancer. After battling cancer twice, myself, I keep waiting for the next shoe to drop. It is a very difficult thing to understand for someone who has not fought the beast....of course we continue to fight, but MAN! would it be nice for just once to get that NED break!
I am sending my strongest vibes to you....my second cancer (breast, primary site) was diagnosed 3 MONTHS after my rectal cancer treatment was complete...sigh....
Hugs, Kathi

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Hi Kathi,
You are so right. People who have never had cancer don't have a clue about the turmoil it causes in your life. I am now starting to be asked questions by friends and family about whether or not it's terminal. I have to explain that I choose not to look at statistics, to do the most agressive treatment and live my life to the fullest. Unfortunately I am having trouble balancing things because the truth is I don't know what's going to happen.
I'm glad that your doing well.

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I am sorry to hear about this, Jamie. You have been through hell. Keep on fighting. If they can get ot out by surgery, do it!!!!!! Keep fighting!!! Don't give up!!! My prayers and thoughts are with you!!! Terri

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Dear Jamie,

I am so sorry about this bad news. I think that you should consider the surgery. You have your children and you should fight this disease and you will win!

I am relieved that you resolved your living situation. What happened with your job?

My thoughts and prayers are with you.

God Bless, Eleonora

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Hi Elenora,
I have been on disability since October due to chemo. I work with infants and toddlers so it's a very physical job. Last May I received a registered letter terminating me from my job. I believe it's illegal, but I just don 't have the fight in me for that. I am in a bad financial position because disability will run out in October. I receive child support and have some money from selling the house, however I will have to supplement my income with that money. I will not qualify for any help because even though I am separated I can't get divorced because he carries the medical insurance. I'm really stuck here, but at least he's willing to leave things as they are to keep me covered.

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Oh, Jamie, you are in really difficult situation. I am so sorry....

Can you get government disability after October or it is the one that will run out?

If you get government disability you should also get government free medical coverage. Here in California it is called Medical.

Is there free legal help there where you live? You might want to call you local attorneys bar association to find out about free legal help where you can consult about your job termination (I am convinced that it is illegal termination), what kind of help will you get if you get divorced, government forms of help, etc.

I know it is very difficult for you to fight, but if you can take your former employer to court and win, that will give you some money to support yourself and children.

You also may want to call local social services, they might be able to advise you on those issues.

My thoughts and prayers are with you. May God help you in this struggle.

God Bless, Eleonora

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Keep fighting Jamie..go for the cure for you and your kids. GOOD LUCK!

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Hi Jamie,

I just wanted to send some HUGS your way. I think you should keep up with the alternatives and get the second opinion. I understand some about the money situation. I just had a house built that is making our finances tough and constantly worried about loosing my job because of all the time I had to take off. Think of it this way. Take care of one problem at a time. I try to do that to lessen the stress. Take care and more HUGS!

Lisa F

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My story is similar. Diagnosed July 05. Chemo (continuous 5-FU) and radiation until Sept. Permanent colostomy in Oct. In Feb, my scans showed Cancer Free. But we continued with Xeloda. Last week scans show spots in lungs. These are spots that have been there from the beginning, docs have always wondered whether they were C or not. So, finally I am having surgery to find out and to quit messing with this. I live in Kentucky and the docs say that lots of people have spots on their lungs but this time my CEA went up also. The surgery is being done by a thoracic surgeon. It is done with a scope thru the back. They go in and take pieces all over the lung to biopsy. There is a new test where they also culture the pieces and determine which chemos do not effect them. Evidently the folfox or the Xeloda didn't have an effect. It's a 3 day stay and is suppose to be a painful procedure. Mine will be in a few weeks. Live Strong, Pam

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hi jamie,
so sorry to hear your news. this place is the best when it comes to venting. one of the few places where they really do know how you feel. it sounds like life has been really tough on you lately and i hope it gets better. keep us informed of your situation. i will be thinking of you.
take care, cherri

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Hi Jamie,
I am so sorry about this crappy disease and it's crappy effects. I am thinking positive thoughts for you and want to add my encouragement to stay strong and fight this B)*(&&*(^ and kick it to the curb!
Love and Hugs,

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Hi Jamie,
Sorry for the late reply. I haven't been able to check the board so frequently. I'm so sorry to hear about the recurrence in the lung. I had lung surgery last May. If I can be of any help whatsoever (explainining my experience, moral support, advice) don't hesitate to contact me -- send me an email via this site. The THOUGHT of lung surgery was scary but it wasn't really so bad. I was up and walking within 2 days (gingerly!). My surgeon had hoped to do a wedge resection using laporoscopy but in the end, due to the location of the tumor (right in the middle, dammit), they had to remove the whole lobe (lobectomy). I'm fine now -- my lung capacity is almost unaffected, I can walk and hike up hills, etc. Best of luck.

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