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MOHS surgery over

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Well, I had my MOHs surgery on the side of my nose on Wednesday, Aug 23rd. I found it didn't hurt but I was very anxious. I was pretty uncomfortable when the pain killers wore off. I thought I'd go right back to work, but felt really lousy for a couple of days ( I worked a few hours each day). My eyes were swollen and black and blue, but I'm feeling much better now. I know the doctor did a good job with the reconstruction but it will be a while before I look "normal" again. The best thing is that its over. My only advice is not to expect to go right back to work. Good luck. Sandi

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Congratulations on having your surgery over! Thank you for sharing your experience.

Take care,

CSN Dana

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I had MOHS surgery (top/side of my nose) and am having a very difficult time coping with the "after" appearance and emotions that followed. I'm looking for someone that had the flap reconstruction surgery and is well into the healing process to give me an idea of what to expect?

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I hope you are doing well now that some time has passed. I just had the same site done this week and, like you, have encountered some difficult emotions in response to my new appearance. I look forward to your updates.

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