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second opinions

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Hi everyone!
I was wondering if any of you have gone for second opinions regarding your initial diagnosis. I will be looking at MD Anderson. Have any of you been treated there? I have been told they are the best. Of all the cancers they treat, colon cancer is the number one cancer they deal with. Right now, there is no cure for me. I am currently on oxaliplatin and 5-FU. I am praying someone can help me. NED please!!!!!! Terri

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I can't compare, because MD Anderson is the best
when considering overall experience, cutting edge therapy, and research. I went for a second opinion/restaging, and was impressed with their overall organization and thoroughness..they are also involved in over 100 trials at any given time. Although I did not participate in other than diagnostic treatment, they would definitely be my first choice. Bud

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Hi there,
I have been treated at MD Anderson as well. I do not recall your initial diagnosis, so please refresh my memory....I was originally diagnosed in 2001 and had my colectomy and initial round of chemo here. (same oncologist as Bud BTW). At any rate, shortly after the first round of chemo I was found to have a met on my liver. I was referred to Dr. Steven Curley who has been my primary oncologist since then and who also performed my liver resection. I have liked being treated by him very much. MD Anderson can be a bit overwhelming, especially when compared to my local small town hospital, however, I do feel that for an advanced case or a complicated surgical procedure they are very, very good. I strongly recommend a second opinion at MD. It is interesting because they always have given me much more positive statistics and feedback than you might expect from such a large instituion. I feel my doctor really thinks of me as a person, not just a number. Additionally, MD has a wonderful center called the Place of Wellness that administers adjunctive alternative therapies such as massage and acupuncture.
If I lived in Houston I am sure I would take much more advantage of those services than I have.
BTW, I am currently NED from Stage IV w/ mets to liver and lungs, so maybe you can be NED too!
Best of luck,
Susan H.

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HI, it's me again....Have you set up your personal web page yet??? You should cause it makes it easier for us all to see what your story is w/o having to ask! Plus its fun! You can check out mine, I know Bud has one too!
Much love,
Susan H.

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I go to MD Anderson and I agree, they are the best. The Gastro department is very thorough and the staff are great. I've been going for 2 years now and will not change.

Let me know if you need any information or help getting some contacts there. Email me here.


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Dear Terri,

My thougts and prayers are with you!

God Bless,

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Hi Terri:

2nd opinions are essential, and MD Anderson is certainly a very credible place to get it from. They have a pretty well known program out there.

Humans are humans and they make mistakes; 2nd opinion is a way to correct possible oversights. To give you an example, when they did the genetic testing on my tumors earlier at a local hospital, they bungled the test and gave me the wrong results which led to much confusion, but thankfully, no actual harm. The UCSF guy questioned the lab results, the Stanford folks did too, and insisted on a re-test, which led to a completely different result. Go figure!

So, I am big on 2nd opinions, and 3rd, if you're not personally convinced.

Best of luck to you Terri!


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i went for a second opinion and am definetly glad i did. it put my mind at ease knowing i had more then one persons opinion on my outcome.
god bless, cherri

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