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Update on my husband

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This morning he had surgery to remove a mass as big as the
doctors fist, That's what the doctor told me, he said everything looked good, but one thing has him worried the cancer was pushing up agianst his bladder, he had to peel it off But then he told me not to worry that everything would be OK!
He say's Duey is gonna need chemo. Due is in a lot of pain which some of you warned me about. I made sure they gave him a pump but that doesn't seem to be working that good right now
He say's he feels like he can't breath it hurts so bad. Now we wait to hear the news on the tumor (Stage)...I'm just glad it's out
Thank you once again for being here when I really needed you
I hope your all are doing good and I send positive energy to all of you....

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Hi there,
I don't think I spoke to you before. I am Susan. I know in some cases, size matters, LOL. But I am sure your surgeon told you that in the case of a tumor size does not necessarily mean anything. Mine was only the size of a gum ball but had spread to lymph nodes and elsewhere. On the other hand I have heard of people with these huge tumors, blockages, etc. who were only Stage II. So, try not to worry too much. I hope your husbands pathology comes back with no lymph nodes involved!
As for his pain, just tell him to keep on pushing that button and don't make him laugh too hard when you tell him size does not matter. I remember laughing made my stomach hurt sooooo bad but I could not stop because of the morphine!
Good luck to you both,

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Hi Lady! Glad the surgery is over. I had trouble catching my breath and had lots of abdominal spasms for a few days. Just touch me or make a loud sound and I'd gasp (not from the pain, but the spasms). It does get better though. They gave me medicine for my spasms. Is he hitting the pump every few minutes? I hit mine all the time. You can't overdose, cuz it won't let you, so no harm in pushing it a lot.... keeps the pain meds going in a steady stream.

Hang in there!

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Once again your so very helpful and always make me feel better
They tell me it's a automatic meds dispencer on all the time.
There not letting him have anything to drink until Friday and maybe food on Saturday, Poor thing has lost so much Weight already a total of 32 pounds in about 5 months
the stress has made me brake out on my arms, I'm trying so hard to be strong for him but I'm so scared.
But the people here are so helpful and caring, I don't know what I would do without this place.

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They are right about size and additionally shape. It simply doesn't matter. I had a tumor about the size of a plum while my neighbor had a tumor the size of a elongated grapefruit. His tumor did not pierce the colon wall and mine did. Neither of us had anything spread to the nodes. My cancer grade was grade 3 (non-agressive) his was grade 1 (very aggressive). His tumor had just about blocked off his colon and he needed immediate surgery followed by chemo. I had radiation/chemo/surgery/chemo. My point is...you never know. As for the pain after surgery..wow! I had 24 hrs where the drip did not work. Nurse didn't hook it up correctly. The doses are controlled (when working) and it helps to wake up having recieved your dose. Of course a cough hurts bad and a sneeze is much worst...use the pillow for holding the abdomin when coughing, it helps. The walks are fun too. It was hard for me to have my family hurting for me. I always took care of them. Yea its a guy thing. I hope you don't mind some long-winded talk from someone recently from the fight. These people here are great source of information and caring more than doctors. I wish I could have typed on this site when I was looking for some answers (hands were in gloves reaction to chemo). Give my best to your husband. The beast is mean but it can be beated. My prayers for you and for him.

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Hi LLLady,

I'm glad that the surgery is behind your husband now. That is the scariest wait I've had. The pain is bad (love the comment about the sneezing- It made me laugh to remember the first sneeze without my pillow) but it will get better. I think the worst is the gas pains with the bowels waking up. And the (excuse me) farts hurt too when you start to get them. I felt like cheering the first one that I had (that means you can eat if they hear bowel sounds). The first time I went to the bathroom also was a cheer. That means he is closer to going home. HUGS and know that we have all been there and tell your hubby he is officially a "semi-colon" now. LOL. Take care.

Lisa F

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LLLady, I have been thinking of you and your hubby. Every post-surgery day will get better. It just takes time to get over the soreness and discomfort. As soon as he can, encourage him to get up and walk. It's not pleasant in the beginning, but it's the absolute best thing he can do to start feeling better.

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insist on pain control..he should not be suffering that kind of pain. Bud

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