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hello all. New here.

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My father was diagnosed with PC 4 years ago and has his prostate removed. He's been on Lupron since and has been doing fairly well. About a month ago, his PSA was up,they did a bone scan and found four metastisized tumors in his bones.

They had planned, in the early days, to do bone infusion therapy. He had one dose of that. However, his doctor met with him yesterday to tell him that he is NOT a candidate for bone infusion therapy and they will now be doing radiation instead.

I haven't had the opportunity to discuss this further with my parents, and won't for about 2 more weeks.

What does this mean? Does this mean the cancer is too far progressed for bone infusion therapy to work? Too aggressive? Is this a negative thing?

I'm just not sure what this means and was hoping for a little insight.


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Welcome, TIA
I read this board regularly and noticed that your post hasn't been answered yet. I wish that I could help with your quest for answers but I don't know enough about your father's situation.
There are a lot of great, caring people here and if patient, some one will come forward with an answer to your questions. You may want to go into our chat room and ask there, if you can stand the cooking, joking, etc. That's another great bunch. Just go in and introduce yourself and ask.. Someone there will know of someone else with same problem and give you the name and how to contact them. It's easy, helpful and you'll meet a lot of caring people.
Best of luck in your quest.

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I'm sorry to hear of your Fathers bout with Prostate Cancer. Although I do not know the answers to your questions, I AM glad you chose to explore this site.

First and foremost, you must keep a positive attitude. There are others that have gone through this same issue and I am sure they will be responding to your postings.

Vic was correct. Feel free to visit the chat room and introduce yourself. Someone there may know a survivor you can contact.

Best of luck and hugs to you and your Father.


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