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nsclc adrenacarcinoma stage 4

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hi my mom has the stage 4 nsclc adn it is also in her spine and she has 3 spots in her spine well in her bone and they say they cant take them out bc of where they are in the spine so she started chemo and shes having 10 treatmants of rads and 3 months of chemo the doc said that even if the chemo does help she only has 2 to 3 yrs and if it doesnt its less then a year i am scared to death! is there hope bc the odds arent looking to good does it all depend on how well her body responds to the chemo and rads ? i am so confused bc i dont want to loose her ! please reply!

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Hi. DO NOT get caught up in the "what are her chances" thing. I was diagnosed with nsclc, 3a (no mets), INCURABLE/INOPERABLE. Here I am, five years later, cancer free! No one can tell you, with certainty, what the outcome will be. Learn as much as you can about the disease, get involved with your Mom's treatment, if you live close enough to do so, and believe in miracles. No matter what the "odds", someone has to make up the survivor percentage. Why not your Mom? Stay positive, and never be pessimistic. My prayers and best wishes to your Mom and you. Please keep us posted.

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Hi Lexxi,

Good gracious, that prognosis is certainly distressing to hear. That's the reason I prevented my mother's oncologist from even discussing such predictions. So, just as Plymouthean says, try not to even think about that prognosis. I wonder if your mom should find another oncologist with a more positive attitude. My gosh, there are people on this site as living proof that those stats aren't guaranteed. Your mother can be a miracle, just as Plymouthean says!

To relieve that feeling of helplessness and hopelessness, you may try helping your mom enhance her medical treatments by modifying her diet with foods that have anti-cancer properties. I don't want to sound like some snake-oil salesman, so I'll suggest you can do research on Google.

Good luck and my best for your mom!

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Hi Lexxi,

Poo on the odds!!! They gave us the same stats. My dad has NSCLC 3B, inoperable/uncurable. The proof is on this website that there are survivors. I think the reason the numbers are so low is b/c if someone is dx with stage 3 or 4 cancer, most oncologists won't operate. They think it has gone too far. At least that's my opinion.

My dad is half way through his treatments and is feeling pretty crappy right now. The radiation is kicking his butt. The chemo hasn't been as bad as we thought. There is a light at the end of the tunnel...after treatment, I expect my dad to be back on the golf course swinging his little heart out.

The road ahead is going to be very scarry...a roller coaster ride. Just try to be as informed as you possibly can and keep on top of those doctors. I became a sponge and my dads personal secretary. I keep track of EVERYTHING. I go to all his visits with the oncologist (about every 3 weeks). Staying positive is one of the most important things you and your mom can do.

I read LiveStrong by the Lance Armstrong foundation and it made me feel a lot better. The stories are real and heartfelt. I also learned a few things.

I feel your pain and am sorry you have to be going through this. Sometimes life just doesn't seem fair. Keep in touch with this message board. Reading the board and e-mailing other people has been comforting to me. Your in my thoughts.

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Hi Lexxi
My Dad is in stage 4 as well. It is very scary. I have never dealt with Cancer so there were so many questions and we felt so out of touch with the surgeons and such. He has just started his 5th treatment in his first round of Chemo. I can tell you that there will be many bad days, but the good days will be there as well. I learned alot from this site. Power is knowledge and with Cancer there is lots to learn. Rest assured there are so many people going through what you are going through and they will be there for your questions. I have used this site several times to find the answers to the questions I didn't understand. I no longer pay attention to the stupid statistics because I don't believe in them.
My prayers are with you and your mom.

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Hi Lexxi,
My dad was diagnosed with stage 4 at the end of June. He had no idea it was lung cancer and went to a doctor for back pain. A mass on his spine was causing extreme pain and hindering him from walking. He had the mass removed and then got the news it was lung cancer that had spread. My dad is a big part of my world and this news has been devastating.
I got odds too. We heard a year, year and a half. I felt like I was punched in the stomach. But, then I read stories on this site that can give strength and hope.
My dad has many bad days. He is bound to his bed and hardly gets out. Between having to learn to walk again and the chemo's affect he is in bad shape.
We also found out the chemo is not working. We are hoping another drug will be added in his next round. But, the more I read on this site the more I see it is necessary to be agressive, positive and your loved ones personal trainer.
I live in upstate NY and my dad lives in Philly so it's been even harder.
My dad was rushed into the ER last night. He has pnemonia and sounds terrible. So, I just had a really good cry (to myself) after I heard his voice and now I will gather myself together and say to myself that the SUN WILL COME OUT!
Hopefully, the next drug will help and if not the one after.
If you need to talk since we have similar situations, I'm here.

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Hi My name is Joyce and my brother was diagnosis
with lung nsclc in the 4th stage and he just had 15 radition treatments on the brain he starts chemo next week and they are going to try taxo and carboplatin and the doctor told me in priviate it is only 20-30% it will help he was to get chemo once a week for 3 weeks then a week off. I heard of poeple going every day for 3 weeks then a week off. I think I am going to call MDAnderson cancer center in texas and Sloan ketting he is now at fox chase. we never did get a 2nd opinion He also found out June 26 2006 they gave him 5 months (Sugeron in fox chase).I really would love him to go to Cancer treatments center of america in Chicago. The one in Philly doesnt take his insurance I will be praying for your father I truly beleive in the power of pray. May God Bless you and your family in this great time of need. Joyce

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Hi Joyce,

My mother's oncologist also told us at the start that only 1 in 4 respond to chemo. But we would try different chemo or drug regiments should the first round not work. Fortunately, by my mom's physical improvements in every respect, the chemo is working. I don't know if her genetic makeup ensured that. Females that have never smoked do better with chemo.

As I've been relating, just like enrol, I've been supplementing my mom's diet to boost her immune system. Some foods have been found in the laboratory to actually kill or suppress cancer cells but as with lot of research, the findings aren't conclusive for humans. Regardless, it doesn't hurt. So to Joyce and liv914, perhaps you could give your loved ones supplements of raw garlic, cruciferous vegetables and maybe 100 mg of selenium. Turmeric has the ability to distinguish between cancerous and healthy cells. So it targets the cancerous cells for elimination.

The confusion is whether those supplements reduce the effectiveness of chemo. So, it would behoove you to consult your loved ones' oncologist.

Good luck to the both of you and take care.

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Hi liv914,

It is demoralizing that your dad isn't doing as well as he could. My mom began from her lung cancer diagnosis very debilitated with fatigue that kept her sedentary. Everytime we would urge her to walk as much as she could tolerate, she would complain she was too tired. As the chemo worked its magic, her physical condition improved increasingly. So, keep that hope your dad will be able to overcome his physical debilitation.

With all the immunity suppressing effects of cancer therapy, I would encourage you to help boost your dad's immune system with supplements.

gpawtel (sorry if I misspelled your name) has advocated chemoresistance testing. There are therapies that can be personalized and targeted based on genetic makeup. Perhaps you could ask your dad's oncologist to run those tests.

Take care!

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