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Why was I such a wimp?

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Got the port installed this afternoon (back up at the hospital, though. Laid there hooked up to an IV for three hours past my appointment time, but that's another story!)

The insertion went well and I'm still a little loopy. But I don't think other than some soreness that it should be any big deal. The guy who put it in says he does about 5 or 6 every day, so he clearly new what he was doing.

Now, onto "singing the @ss of the beast."

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Hi Patrusha,

I am glad the insertion went well. I admire your courage and determination. You are very brave.

Best wishes for the treatment.

God Bless, Eleonora

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Thanks, Eleonora. How's mom doing, by the way?

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Hi Patrusha,

Thank You very much for asking about mom. It is so nice of you to remember! She has recovered nicely from pneumonia and is doing fine now. Her dimentia seems to be under control also - nurses tell me that she is calm most of the time and cooperates. Chemo affected her brain (it was listed as one of the side affects) but now that she is off, she seemed to bounced back.

She is going to the oncologist for her check-up on September 12. I will request CT scan at that time so that I know what is going on.

You are a Sweetheart!

Hugs, Eleonora

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Glad to hear it wasn't too bad - you think YOU'RE a wimp? I wouldn't even entertain the thought of getting one put in!

Go get 'em, girl!

Sidebar comment - he puts in 5-6 a DAY? UGH... that's WAY TOO MANY people with cancer!

Singe some dragon @$$!!!

- SB

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That's what I thought, too, Sponger. But this hospital is a regional cancer center and people come here from all over the state. I think they also use ports for other medical reasons. SOmetimes people with ulcerative colitis will get a port for nutrition to let their intestines "rest" for a couple of months, for example.

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Yes, Patrusha....I was 'fed' thru mine when I had that little "complication" (small bowel obstruction...the first of 5) during my fun-filled NPO stay in the hospital.
Hugs, I'm glad it worked...Vitamin E oil on the incision as soon as the doc says ok...I have a TINY scar!
(P.S.....You should have waited till Friday...my faithful 'friend' is being REMOVED!!!!!...you could have had it!)
Hugs, Kathi

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There are no wimps in the struggle with cancer!!!

My pulse races EVERY time I go in to have my port flushed. The nurses are always saying, " Are you a little anxious?"

No sh#t Sherlock, I just love getting a needle shoved into my chest!!! :)

Oh, I know it's not bad at all. I just hate it anyway. ( queen of the chickens, I am)

Glad it went well. I'm 2 years out and flirting with the idea of getting it out.



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Whew . Well that parts over with ,
I was so out of it when I had my port put in I can hardly remember it . Have they told you when you get your first chemo yet ?? Remember drinks lots of water and keep us posted .
Barb you are not alone . I am always so nervous the day I go in for chemo . I just hate getting my port poked . I always put lots of numbing cream on before I go .and I have my blood work drawn via arm . Some nurse's are good and some just harpoon you . I have since learned which one's are my favorites and which ones I stay clear of !!
Take care and God Bless

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you are not a wimp, you did it and got thru it. pat yourself on the back. stay strong.

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It's ok Patrush..here on www, We Welcome Wimps..

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