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Look for happy thing

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-- Stressed --You the wonderful You made me laugft thank you so much i need that today Have to remenber all good thing in my life And thank God for let me be a great caregiver to someone i love and have great respect for him

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I am a survivor of 2 primary site cancers (rectal followed by breast 3 months later). I honestly believe that I laughed at them both so much, that they left in disgust....
Caregivers have the REAL wings in my opinion! I was one of those first....you have to get a picture of the whole war....not just the battlefield, like we survivors have...you get all the reports...even the ones that we are not told so as to 'not to upset us and make us lose hope'.
Where is it written that you all can take these things better than us?

"Look behind you, see that feather on the floor? That is from the real wings that you have"

Hugs, Kathi

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I'm glad I could help!! I actually put my hands lightly around my husband's neck one day and shook him. He had the nerve to tell me he was stressed!!! At that time he was on duragesic patches, morphine, lexapro, and oxycodone. I was on nothing!! I still laugh about that!! Just keep smiling at the beauty in the world and the humor here!!!

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By the way - my name is Robyn. They just found a "mass" again in my husband. The last one proved he had a brain. (That's all we could figure out.) This one has me worried though. We were looking at a divorce when this hit. I guess this just intensified it and it hurts. So, you see, my laughter is more beneficial than you'll ever know. There - that's my pity party for the night. Just thanks for letting me know I made you smile.

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