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CA-125 Count

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Ok I need your thoughts, because I don't go back to the doctor until Monday. He sent me today for a cat scan papers said Left pelvic mass, got my CA-125 from yesterday and it is now 143.5. it was 104 in May. I'm tired I need prayer... Say a prayer for my family. My husband said today when he saw what the doctor wrote it made him physically sick. This disease is so hard on our families, but I know the Lord wants us to trust him in everything and I do! God Bless ya and I hope everyone is doing well!!!


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Jan, I'm so sorry about your news. It's true, this disease is very hard for us to deal with and for our families. I'm so glad you are trusting in the Lord because He will give you His strength and His peace. I will be lifting you up in prayer.

Grace, mercy and peace,

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Dear Jan, I am so sorry to hear about your ca125 and ct scan. The news always hits hard but after the initial shock wears off you'll know what you want to do. Try not to worry too much until you hear the size and what the dr has to say. I know this is easier said than done.

I know you have a strong faith and many many people are praying for you. I am one of them and will continue to pray for God's peace, strength and healing.

Let us know what the Dr has to say, I know the ca125 went up but since May that isn't too bad -- to me it means it is growing slow.

Prayers N Hugs Bonnie

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I agree with Bonnie and the others - try not to worry too much. I'm sorry that I can't remember your situation, but would this be a second recurrance? To give you hope, you may know I just had a second recurrance in February, surgery to remove a right pelvic mass, and 6 rounds of chemo. My CA125 is now down to 8. I know this will always be tapping me on the shoulder, but I will continue to stand with my Faith, and the support of my family, friends, and all of you. As Bonnie said, try to wait until you get more news from the doctor.

Tonight, pray with your husband - trust the Lord that he will give both of you strength to get through this, for you and your family. Hold eachother tight and agree that God has not 'given us the spirit of fear, but of power, love and a sound mind'. We will pray the same here, and that He may uplift you and give you a restful sleep, so that you will awake refreshed and renewed in the morning.

Sending lots of hugs your way.

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