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Sinus Cancer

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Could someone please give me info on this. My husband is in the process of being diagnossed with a Brain tumor/Pineal gland tumor and possible sinus cancer. The brain tumor is there and will be going to the neurosurgeon on Thurs and he will be "officially" diagnossed then. The type of tumor that it is can spread to the sinuses and his MRI indicated alot going on in that area....maxillary antrum, turbinate. mass like change... and it notes total involvement with increased intensity. Mastoiditis is also mentioned. He had a PET scan and it didn't show hot spots in this area. It did find the brain tumor. If this was sinus cancer shouldn't the pet scan of detected it? If he has sinus cancer also we will fight it too. Any info good or bad would be appreciated.

Thank You

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I'm finding out when you're dealing with the head & neck, it covers do much. 3 Years ago my husband had a tumor in the nasal /sinus cavity that was pressing adainst his optic nerve. That's how we found it. We thought it was an eye problem that was robbing his sight but it was really this tumor. He underwent hard core radiation ( 25 days-- the last 2 weeks 2X a day) and 1 course of chemo amd we were amazed to find the tumor was gone without surgery and has not come back. The eyesight on the affective side is not real good but the other side had improved greatly. After a few proceedures and a couple of scares that turned out to be scar tissue and a polyp, that part of him seems to be fine. Here's the rub. Since that time, the Pet CT scans have found 3 separate tumors in the lung. The first one responded to chemo--dissappeard and another one came up. Surgery for that one--gone again, but the last Pet-CT shows another one. Here we go again.
I guess what I'm trying to tell you is , it's a very tricky area but don't give up. When ever and where ever it turns up just fight like hell and know that you've got friends and support on this board.
Adding you to my list of prayers.


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Hi Kathy, your posting is from 2006 but I'm hoping you'll see my message. My husband is now going thru radiation & chemo for small cell cancer of his sinus's. It had spread to his neck also. The primary spot, in the sinus, is responding very well to the radiation. I would love to talk to you about you & your husband's experience. I pray all is well. Dee

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