Not "officially" diagnossed yet but SCARED

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My husband is 42 and always been healthy. The last several months he has been going to dr's to find the cause of his symptoms. I finally demanded a pet scan because they all suspected a cancer but couldn't locate one. They found a "large, dense calcification" within his pineal gland. He has a appt with a neurosurgeon on Thursday. I'm SURE this is when we will hear brain tumor for the first time. Pineal gland tumors are rare and held out hope it was a mistake. The chief neurosurgeon insisted on seeing him so my hope is turning into reality. Along with this brain tumor he is suspected of having sinus cancer as well. I dont have detailed information on type or stage but expect to have more knowlege when we leave his appt thursday. If anyone can help me with ?'s to ask I would appreciate it. I want to be as prepared as possible. I have a list of info already that as the dr speaks I can circle words that i hear in case I freeze and cant write.