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They moved it up!!!

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I was supposed to have the chemo port put in this coming Friday... and that gave me four more days to mull this over and make sure this is the route I will go. But I got a call this a.m. and there was a scheduling screw-up and now they want me to come in on Wednesday. I just started back to work today and I wanted the late afternoon Friday appointment to have the weekend to recover.

Now I'll be working half the week with an achy shoulder (unless I am being too pessimistic) and my time to mull over if I really want to do this has been halved. I am fairly unhappy at this moment.

Encouragement, anyone?

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Judging from my experience, you should be a little sore for couple of days -- no big thing. As far as your decision to do it or not, it beats being stuck each time and if you check prior posts, you will see that just about everyone will encourage you to do it. Sometime in the future you will give the same advice to someone with the same doubts you now have. Dealing with chemo is the greater issue and the port will make life a lot easier for you. Good luck!

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The decision I am trying to do make is whether to do chemo at all. If I do I will definitely go the port route. I just thought I had a few more days to be sure if I wanted to do chemo, period....

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Sorry to hear they messed up your schedule...however, get the port. You won't regret it. ...........and if you have to miss work to nurse your shoulder, do it. Take care of yourself.

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Hi Patrusha, just to let you Know that I had my port placed last Tuesday, it was not unconfortable at all, I just took Tylenol twice and not for having pain but just a little disconfort, and i did my normal activities right away, today was my first treatment and I found out that I am much stronger person that I thought. I was relax, calm and no sentimental, I prayed to God so much to give me peace and I'm sure he answered my prayers, everything is going to be O.K. with you and with the chemo is like an extra life insurance policy that you are deciding to take.
Hugs from this new friend ,

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Thanks for the good report, Betina. I am glad it is going well for you.

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Go for it. There is not that much to recover from. I got my port one day and they started chemo and radiation the next day.


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I understand your irritation...but maybe you should look at it as a sign....too much you are worrying about...make your decision...move on!

As far as the port, I had mine inserted in the morning at one hospital, then started chemo at NOON of the SAME DAY at another hospital....not ideal, but can be done...
Hugs for the right decision, whichever that is!!!


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So you think I might be overthinking this thing,Kathi? LOL!!! Wouldn't be the first time I've done that....

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Hi Patrusha,

My opinion is that you should take your time to make your decision whatever it is. You should not be rushed into it. You need to be comfortable with whatever you decide. Few days or even few weeks would not kill you. So, I would call them and tell them that you would schedule an appointment when you are ready.

Best Wishes and God Bless.

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Hey eleonora. The window for me to participate in the study is closing. It is a decision I need to make now. To tell you the truth, I don't think more time will help me decide. I just need to shut down my mind and listen for that still small voice to guide me.

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Yes, you got it! Exactly what I mean! That small voice! Please listen to it, it will guide you! I belive in it too! I am with you on this!!!

Hugs, Eleonora

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Given your reply to a previous message I take it this is part of a clinical trial, and that you are still considering whether or not to participate. If you have not yet decided, you have the right to think about it and not be coerced into participating. You need to make an informed decision--whatever you decide. You also have the right to withdraw from a clinical trial at any time. All this should be explained in the consent form you were asked to sign.

Good luck whatever you decide!


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Thanks Howard. I have read the document a million times and I think I understand it TOO well! LOL!!! I don't feel coerced. I just wish I'd feel comfortable one way or the other and I just don't. Perhaps I never will and I'll just have to pick a road and travel it without looking back. Maybe I'm being unrealistic about this decision. Whatever I decide, I want to be ecstatic about my decision. Now that I've said that it does seem rather unrealistic! I just don't think I'm going to be 100% confident, no matter what I decide.

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Everything for a reason, Patrusha -

Sounds to me like Someone didn't want you talking yourself out of chemo! I say get the port (I did my chemo/quemo without one - BIG mistake) and get the chemo - SINGE THAT DRAGON"S @$$!


- SpongeBob

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Can that be my new motto, Spongebob? LOL!!! Your point about everything for a reason is a solid reminder that I'm not really in control of this thing anyway. Thanks!

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Whatever decision you make Pat....get the port!I was not able to have one and like Sponger know the impact on the poor 'ol veins after 6 months.
Cheers, Ross n Jen

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