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My Dad

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My dad was diagnoised with a fist size brain tumor 1 month ago. Can't biopsie. Has progressed downwards quickly. Last night hospice brought in steriods, Decadron. Saw a small improvement with walking and speaking. He is on so many drugs. Atavan, Haldol, steriods, dilantan, and those are just the new ones. Hard to watch him 71 years old go from a very active man to a total care man. Anyone else going or gone thru this. I tried to join the chat but having trouble with it. I would appreciate any feedback. Thanks

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hi mouie,
so sorry to hear about your dad. My mom was dx in Jan 06 with a glioblastma multiforme IV tumor.
She's had 2 surgeries, rad, chemo waffers, and chemo pills. I guess your dad did not have surgery because you said they could not biopsie it...where is he geting treatment?
also you meantioned not beening about to get into the chat. maybe you need to update your java. theres a link to update it right under the login for the chat if your having trouble. Its a great place to meet people who know what your going through..keep trying to get in there..I love it..

Hang in there I know its not easy, Janine

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Hi Janie, sorry to hear about your mom. How is she doing? My Dad is now on hospice and we are caring for him at home. Besides the anti sezuire meds, the atavian, the haldol and last Saturday we started him on steriods to help shrink some of the swelling. Not as much relief as we had hoped for. It has been 6 weeks since his dx and he has so declined. He can barely walk, his words don't come out. He is trying so hard. Thanks for responding to my message.

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Dad died Sept 6, 2006 at home with his wife and daughter present. No pain

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ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME? You dad was dx on 7/21 and died on 9/6? My dad, 62 years old had the front left lob cut out on 9/4/2006 and the docs are saying hes got 8-12 months. He starts chemo and rad tomorrow at MD Anderson, Houston. I'm worried about how my pops is going to go. I'm glad to see yours died in his sleep ... no pain!

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Im sorry to hear about your dad. My prqayers are with you. Im not able to say Im at the point you are but I know how scared you must be. They told us on Friday last week.Met with us on Monday this week 6-2-08. in the time that they saw the 4 inch tumor on Monday till the discussion with the family and him yeaterday (Tue) He doesnt understand what the doctor is saying. He is just getting angry. He says nothing is wrong with him, yet he cant remember his wife of 42 years name, or anyone else.This doctor says no biopsy and no surgery. How and where do I go to get the best opinion and the best opportunity. Im in roanoke Va. Your not alone

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