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cll side effects

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my mom, 80 years old, was diagnosed with stage 4 cll - she has had her initial chemo and is now undergoing maintenance chemo - she has developed a side effect that both her oncologist and dermatologist say they have never seen before - the problem starts as a small red discoloration that over the course of a day or so becomes larger and redder - the worse part is the intense itching that she says feels like it comes from deep inside - antibiotics and cremes/medicines have had no affect - she is miserable - any experience or advice - thank you

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I feel so sorry for your Mom. My advice is that you may have a look at the website: www.kanglaite.com
Their products work!.

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I too have severe itching especially my head and eyes.  My opthalmologist and my primary came up wtih a plan.  I take 1/2 benadryl tablet at night and one non-drowsy Claratin in the morning.  I would say I have around 80% relief.

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