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Vitamin D, and the sun, now good for us!

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In a NEW study, Vitamin D, especially the kind found in (you guessed it) sunlight is being found to reduce the risk of some cancers, including colon, breast, and prostate cancer. There is evidence that the reason African Americans are at a higher risk for colon cancer is that their dark skin does not convert sunlight to Vitamin D as easily.
Sigh....good things are coming thru research, but....I think I will throw out my SPF 50 sunscreen....
Hugs, Kathi

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Cool. I spent the entire day yesterday at Cedar Point and have the rosy cheeks to prove it! I have also been told that two hours of sunlight a day on our skin will help reduce cancer, too.

Problem is I am a fair gal and would burn to a crisp if in the sun for two hours (even early morning or late afternoon sun). I also work and live in Michigan where I am unlikely to even SEE the sun from October through March! Do ya think one of those aluminum sunbathing thingys would keep me warm in my backyard in February? LOL!!!

Oh, yeah, and there's that risk of skin cancer that I have, already having had one risky mole removed......

I love the sun, but buyer beware...

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You bring sunshine to all of us with your posts- I suppose that's is not what they mean. Have had a few basal cell skin cancers but still try to get out in the sun a little.


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That's a good enough reason for me!!! I love to be in the sun. Now, I don't have to feel as guilty about being out in it so often.

Thanks for the news!!!


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Confused as heck now.....

I thought the ultraviolate light causes free radical in cells, leading to you-know-what.

I am on SPF35, so I'm hoping enough VitD comes through still.


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Hey...Ultraviolet can be good and bad. The good things are anti-depressive effects, bone density and now the good news about some anti-cancer benefits...I think we also know the bad: skin
cancer and wrinkles...
I was thrilled to read about the most recent benefits; and when I cannot spend much healthy time in the sun, I take a supplement.
One more thing we can to do help us keep our cancer at bay! But, I still wear sunscreen on my face and neck - especailly in the pool...I would for an extended ride as well (just my opinion).
Take care -- Maybe Google will have a recent article. Best, Maura

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I would wait with throwing sunscren out. It is very well known that too much sun can cause skin cancer. In California where we live it is especially dangerous.

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