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Laparoscopic Prostate Surgery

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Ok i am back many many many questions. Has anyone had this procedure done? Laparoscopic Prostate Surgery just found out the dr i am going to at barnes hospital in st louis mo. does this procedure. what I Have read it looks very promising has anyone had this done? looks like shorter recovery time and less side effects. can anyone give me some personel experience? thank you all again for your help..

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ct and bone scan neg

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Check out my surgeon's website. www.krongrad-urology.com/ This site describes the procedure in great detail. This surgery is easier than open RP there can be no doubt about that. The actual surgery accomplishes the same result as open and has roughly the same outcome and risks. The recovery is easier and that is important. I only took aspirin after the surgery and was in the hospital just one night then home with the catheter. I was 63 when I had my LRP in Feb.'05. I have regained continence about 99%. I am still working on the potency issue although I did have nerve sparing procedure. Russ

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Although it has been 5+years ago and I am sure procedures have changed and/or improved I will convey the surgeons statement that performed my open RP.

My surgeon, when confronted with the option of laproscopic, indicated there was somewhat of an improvement in recovery time. However, his concern was that the surgeon did not have as good visibility of the nerve bundles during surgery as when the open surgery was done. I had the open surgery and did not have to take even an aspirin for pain after being discharged 3 days following surgery. I have had a full and complete recovery. I was back to work (mgmt) part-time within a month.

Good luck on your decision.


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My husband had Lap RP done in feb 2006. His recovery was good, initial PSA 0. 6 week PSA O, but 5 month was 1.0. We have since had more bone and Ct scans and an MRI with a probe on the Prostate Bed. We are going tomorrow for mapping of the radiation.
Personally we feel the surgeon got too cocky and missed something.

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I had Laproscopic surgery, the Da Vinci method on Jan. 19,2006. There were complications & surgery took 5.5 hours. This is not a frequent occurance, I am told. The problem developed a week later when I went to have the cather removed. That all went well however I had a dull ache in my chest/back. I asked the doctor if I could still have some gas left over from the surgery. No. I had developed pulmonary embolae, blood clots in both lungs. Be aware that this can occur in any surgery involving lengthy anasthesia. I'm ok now. I was 100% continent after 4 months. Still working on the ED problem. Would appreciate any input from others on that front. Good luck!

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I had Da Vinci Robotic surgery in Feb. 2006, no problems, walked around that day and went home the next, played golf within a month. Simple if you qualify, the surgeon will tell you. Don''t be put off if your current doc doesnt want to do lapro. type, mine didn't either, then I learned he didn't want to spend the extra time so opening me up was his option, I thought that might really hurt so I went to other places. Check on line at Da Vinci Robotics for a list of surgeons in your area, note they need to do 50 or more to be the one you want, no rookies.

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